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i got my disability review results
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It says I could continue to draw. I would be reviewed from time to time. I was releaved since I was worried how I was going to work in this condition.
Posted on 12/15/12, 04:03 pm
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Reply #11 - 12/18/12  7:21pm
" OK go ahead and hate me....I've never served on jury duty. I'm always busy, in pain or whatever.

Should I be saying this?
I have thrown the notices away in almost every western state for the last 35 years. No federal marshals yet. Not even a second notice. However I vote religiously. "
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Reply #12 - 12/18/12  8:33pm
" Levicah.....I am amazed that you have never served on jury duty and that you sort of ignore the jury summons notices. In the county I live in, they would hunt you down like a dog...They take it very, very seriously. I suppose that there could be repercussions down the road for someone who throws the notices away but here, they won't give you the "down the road" chance. I knew the day I registered to vote in my new neighborhood (August this year) that I would be asked to serve yet again and I was right.

I hope they honor my doctor's letter. My biggest problem is the HE itself and the 460+ mg. of diuretics I take daily. That plus I am no longer allowed to drive because of the HE.....should be enough or so I hope.

Wish you continued luck with your decisions not to serve. Let's face it, jury duty is not for everyone. I always enjoyed it in a way and found it interesting but I don't think I could do a good job of it with the need of going to the restroom every few minutes. That would not be fair to the other jurors or to the litigants. Oh well........we will see. Hugs and prayers.......CarolLentz "
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Reply #13 - 12/18/12  9:02pm
" I have served jury duty either. Not one notice ever. Here..... You can get out of jury duty for not having a babysitter, if you are only one working in your home or health issues. I don't have a problem with someone not wanting to serve or being too sick to sit for long periods of time. "
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Reply #14 - 12/18/12  10:16pm
" I think it depends on where you live, or just the mood of the clerk that day.

I was summoned several years ago while still attending college. Just provided them with a copy of my schedule and was dismissed.

I did have to show up the first day when they were selecting people, but there must have been 200 of us when they probably needed 20 or less. Plenty of other people to choose from, so if you have a valid excuse shouldn't be a problem. "
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Reply #15 - 12/18/12  10:31pm
" I've lived at the same address for 10 years, not a felon. The notices seem serious enough. Even threatening. They could never prove I was throwing them away. Some years no notice is sent. I dont know how they make determinations. I may sign up next time, now that I have disability time. Neck injury only lets me stay upright for about 2 hours at a time. I guess I could show up half loaded on pain meds with my "TENS unit" electrode wires hanging from my neck!
Sorry for going Off Topic! "
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Reply #16 - 12/18/12  10:38pm
" I am sure if you showed up like that they would not pick you anyway. Don't stress over it. If it makes you feel better about knowing they will excuse you or not call a day or two before hand And confirm it. Good luck! :) "
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Reply #17 - 12/19/12  8:58pm
" Sorry weve gotten so off track from the original post, just kind of evolved.

Levicah, I'm amazed you've tossed jury notices for so long and never gotten in trouble.

I'm a little more on the OCD side and thought I'd be thrown in jail or fined if I ignored the one I got.

With your neck injury and disability I wouldn't worry much, as long as you've got doctors medical records backing you up. You should be able to just file some paperwork and not even worry about it.

Even the stuff in the past, I'm pretty sure there is a statute of limitations and jury duty seems like it would be way down on the list. "

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