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Will cirrhosis allow the liver to regenerate??
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I honestly don't know and can't really get a answer from the doc's that I can understand - I have heard that the liver will regenerate and can heal itself -- if you have cirrhosis will it still do that??? What is the life expenctacy with cirrhosis without a transplant??? I think in our case the doc's are trying to paint a pretty picture to keep us "up" but I just need to know the facts. Knowledge is power. All opinions and advice are most welcome.
Posted on 10/25/08, 09:40 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Cirrhosis. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 10/25/08  4:05pm
" hi km7476, It depend how bad it is,Once you get past a certain stage it won't. sorry to bring the bad news "
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Reply #2 - 10/25/08  4:12pm
" If there is too much scar tissue it won't regrow itself. Donors' livers are grown back within 6 weeks. Hope that helps! "
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Reply #3 - 10/25/08  5:02pm
" You can live a long time with cirrhosis. At least I did. My liver was 75% gone back in the 80's by 2000 it was completely shot but somehow through medication I managed to make it till June of this year when it finally shut completely down and I received a transplant. "
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Reply #4 - 10/26/08  2:07pm
" Cirrotic tissue will not regenerate, but healthy liver tissue can regenerate. You might be fine for quite some time, even with very little healthy tissue. Take care! "
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Reply #5 - 10/27/08  1:15pm
" It has for some regenerated it did completely for me...I was end-stage 88pds and a mess. Not reason in the world for it to come back other than I had Belief & Faith. It took a year.

Vitamin D3 in large amounts and UV light 10mins 3day a week. (Tanning Bed).

Google this: Hepatitis and Cirrhosis of the Liver and Milk Thistle.

I used Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea, DETOX A.M., I also heard that a company called, also sell a Tea it is called Figure 8, it helps support the liver & kidneys. "
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Reply #6 - 10/29/08  9:56am
" Hello Kim \my situation was similar. It not so important how much liver damage is present, as long as the liver is functioning well (called compensated) to ask as dr how long is like asking how longs a piece of string. They usually say 5 years if all seems well and after another 5 years they may well say the same again.It seems the liver can recover an amount of function if it s cause is removed ie drinking.
My advice has been just quit drinking, a low salt diet, s good fairly high protein intake and healthy lifestyle. I'm still here after 5 years
get a scan for liver cancer every 6 months.
Apart form the above there is not much to be done at this stage. So I don't worry too much. easy to do when symptom free.
I agree doctors are unhelpful about things. but you can get more info from this site.
All best wishes
Lostonrye "
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Reply #7 - 11/09/08  8:34pm
" Hikm7476! Click on the news and info. on the page you are on(green bar-green letters)over your picture,under the title page "Cirrhosis Support Group". On that page it answers your question. I was reading it today. "
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Reply #8 - 11/12/08  8:18am
" and google the townsend letter..there have been some amazing things done with ala or alpha lipoic acid..selenium..milk thistle and vitamin's worth a look..i take hepc complete for hepatitis c but i had alot of liver damage all ready from years of heavy drinking..but even more for me prayer..theres always hope "
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Reply #9 - 11/12/08  8:29am
" just looked up the vitamin d3..guess i need to get back on the cod liver oil..must be why my herb man put me on shark formula..glad i peeked in on this forum...thanks "

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