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Enlarged Spleen
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End Stage Liver Disease and have had low platelets for about 4 going on 5 years now (same time I was Dx with Chronic Hep C/Cirrhosis). Started out around 90, 000 and now they stay at around 40,000. When I took the treatment they went down to 20,000. So my spleen has been eating up my platelets. Ok I need to know if anyone with Cirrhosis had had their Spleen removed. I had a Ultrasound done on Friday and my spleen is now at 19 cm. It was my understanding that it wouldn't be wise to take it out with the liver not functioning right. Could it burst??
Posted on 05/30/11, 03:36 pm
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Reply #1 - 05/30/11  5:52pm
" I think it's because any op under these circumstances can be dangerous (especially with a low platelet count), and having the spleen removed is a fairly major op. at that. "
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Reply #2 - 05/31/11  9:16am
" I also have cirrhosis and my platelets stay around the 40's to 5o's. My spleen is also enlarged (the spleen loves to hang on to those platelets and WBC'S.). My GI doctor and hepatologist have said that taking the spleen out is the very last course of action they would take. With such low platelets and Higher than normal INR the risk outweigh the benefits. I have no idea how big is "too big".

Hope you get some answers,
Take care and God Bless "
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Reply #3 - 05/31/11  11:38am
" Thanks for the answers..I know my liver doc had said no a while ago to the spleen coming out as it is a risk as "tmerc" has said. Actually it was me that got upset and rattled off all the things I knew weren't going to happen so why was I still seeing her and of course that's when she said "all we can do is treat the symptoms" Seems like I kust keep getting more symptoms(lol) I guess I will have to wait and see..I have been more concerned about how big it gets before it decides to rupture. I have been reading about it over the last few days for whatever good that does. Guess I will have to stop obsessing and wait till I hear from the doc. I know my poor left kidney is getting a bit squished. Weel thanks for answering back! Much appreciated so I don't feel alone. "
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Reply #4 - 06/10/11  2:33pm
" I agree with Onedayano, My spleen is 19 cm. The normal size is around 10. My platelets are in the low 30's. My clotting factor is still fine. I was told not to play football or it could burst. But at 48, I don't see myself finding a team that would want a middle age Mom. "
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Reply #5 - 04/24/12  9:12pm
" what kind of pain are you experiencing with the enlarged spleen? I just recently started feeling the effects of this an am at a loss as to what to take for comfort. It gets really painful "

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