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There are still good doctors in this world
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So today was my appointment with the new PM doctor....

and the dreaded topic of why I left the other doctor came up...

he was so understanding, and calm, and really really listened... he even asked me if things had changed over there at my old PM doc's place or if it was still as bad as he had heard.... I told him how bad it was. and he said that it hasn't changed one bit... and that half his client load is from patients that the guy had dropped without warning, or were treated in a rude unprofessional manner.

He really wanted to help me... reset my meds... a stronger dose of my pain medication, and he put me on gabapentin to try to salvage my sciatic nerve function while I am waiting on my surgery.... it's been crushed so long though that we are not sure I will get any relief from the sciatic issue... but at least this might keep it from getting worse.

Besides my neurosurgeon, this is the first doctor I have seen for pain that treated like a human being that needed help... he made me feel like he really cared *near tears just thinking about it*

After all these years, and so many doctors spending two seconds and judging you constantly.... it makes you combative and fearful.... but I guess it's true, it's always darkest before dawn.
Posted on 06/05/14, 11:48 am
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Reply #11 - 06/08/14  12:39pm
" With how many members here have been thru the pharmacy meds many times in our lives already-how many wants to work in a lab and come up with some actual working meds! Not like we don't have the experience huh :) "
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Reply #12 - 06/08/14  8:43pm
" I've been binge watching every episode of "House MD" and that show is wrong about chronic pain. You can't take 20 Vicoden per day for chronic pain. The way House was popping Vicodens, his liver would have been toast. They also didn't shoe him taking a time release narcotic with the Vicoden, or Norco for breakthrough pain. They tried to portray Dr. House as a drug addict, and make it look like the pain was all in his head. I really need to get the Tylenol because already have Fatty Liver Disease. My liver enzymes are way elevated. Any how, thank god there are some good and caring doctors out there! "
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Reply #13 - 06/08/14  8:47pm
" I meant to say that I really need to get rid of the Tylenol from my pain meds, because I've been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. The Norco are causing more harm to my liver than they would if my liver was healthy and fully functional. "
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Reply #14 - 08/05/14  4:04am
" I have not been around for years, but I am back along with my pain. I also was told I had a "fatty liver". Thank God that is not permanent like an enlarged heart. You can change your liver back to a "fat free" existence. I was able to do it by losing a TON of weight & med changes. "Fatty Liver Disease" scared me into making some changes in my life. "
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Reply #15 - 08/05/14  11:47am
" Hello JennySue and welcome back "
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Reply #16 - 08/07/14  3:17am
" Of course there are great Dr.'s left in the 'World! Many, many, many of them. I love my medical team at Duke and UNC Chapel Hill, they all work together to make sure all the illnesses/injuries/diseases are handled and cared for in the most up to date way. And them working between themselves, since they all get all reports, notes, blood tests, etc. I never have to worry about carrying paperwork around.

I hope you continue to enjoy your Dr. and he does well for you.

Take Care,

Kat "

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