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Iliac crest bone grafting anyone?
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I need to have a bone graft. Would like to know if anyone had it done, what it was like and how soon can I go back to work after this?
I would need a pretty large chunk removed.
I d really appreciate some insight.
Thank you .
Posted on 06/13/13, 01:22 am
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Reply #1 - 06/13/13  1:59am
" Okay so the Iiac crest is the top rim of your pelvic bone.

I've had bone grafts in my knee. I've had live bone grafted to live bone and I've had cadaver bone grafted in to live bone, which also had to be set with screws and a pin, because cadaver bone is dead and not as strong as live bone, and if it breaks or cracks, it doesn't heal, so the steel pin is like a backup support.

I didn't have any complications. I won't lie it was incredibly painful, but knee surgery in general is one of the most painful you can have, and in this one they cut my left knee loose from my femur/thigh and tibia/shin then put the bone grafts in and the cadaver bone to rebuild my knee and put it all back it was pretty complicated. It took 9 months just to get out of a thigh to ankle steel brace, and another 6 months to be able to walk without a really bad limp.

Are you having a spinal fusion and is the iliac graft being used for the harvest bone?

If so, that would have a lot to do with how soon you can go back to work. It depends on what your having done exactly. If the bone graft is just to repair a defect to your pelvic bone, then the healing time would be much less.

The time required for convalescence after bone grafts due to fractures or spinal fusion varies from one to 10 days. Vigorous exercise may be limited for up to three months.

Sorry I wrote a book. Yell if you have anymore questions.

Kat "
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Reply #2 - 06/13/13  2:11am
" Hi
I worked with a woman who had grafting done in her pelvis, due to a car accident.
it took her years to heal completely and she is in extreme pain yet. So be careful and really check into this if you cannot live or manage with it the way it is.She will never be able to have kids and always has complications yet.
the girl I know is vey young and I never heard of her returning to work good luck Isabee "
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Reply #3 - 06/13/13  2:24am
" I m missing 70% of left lower jaw, can't even get a prosthesis because of it..I was in an accident last summer, had serious complications because of surgeon's negligence, now I have to figure out what to do.
My options are iliac crest for full length reconstruction, external, or the other side of mandible harvesting and partial intraoral reconstruction just to give me enough bone in the front to attach MAYBE 2 front teeth, prosthetic of course, like a partial denture or an implant..
Going for the first CT since mandible resection last fall to see how things are going.. I feel like something grew back, but I m probably wrong since mandible regeneration is virtually a miracle and there are only a few recorded cases.
Knowing that iliac crest harvesting has such long lasting consequences is very discouraging :-( "
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Reply #4 - 06/13/13  2:35am
" Aronia,

Okay, so I did some research on iliac crest bone harvesting for dental reconstruction and it is very, very common. This is the prime sight that bone is harvested from. Your pretty young, and I'm assuming otherwise healthy? Young, healthy patients who keep up with excellent nutrition, exercise, PT and any/all post op meds for infection, etc. have pretty good success rates with this surgery.

Your pelvic bone is healthy so just the grafting doesn't cause as much post op pain, as would someone recovering from a broken/fractured pelvis from an accident.

Have you asked your oral surgeon if there are any other graft options like cadaver bone, or bovine bone? Both of those are used pretty often, but I'm not sure about with the jaw.....the other problem with using transfused bones not from your body is rejection.

It might be worth asking about.

Kat "
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Reply #5 - 06/13/13  2:41am
" Thank you, Kat

In my case allograft would not be an option, because they only use this for small procedures, like to fill in a hole. Even for my small surgery they would need a good chunk of vascular bone to take.
I ll find out for sure in 2 weeks.. "
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Reply #6 - 06/13/13  2:57am
" Aronia,

Well we will definitely hope for the best and that you get the outcome that is the best for you. I'm sure this has been a long difficult journey for you and the possibility of a promising fix must be scary and exciting at the same time.

Hang in there,

Kat "
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Reply #7 - 06/13/13  4:32am
" I see a common theme here and one that I have learnt about from many surgeons aroung the world - often patients say the graft site is more painful than the operation site that the iliac crest is grafted to! I am fully aware of alternatives yes there are cadaver bone materials but they do carry risks. I would definitely recommend to research bone graft substitutes which are synthetic and some have the components of healthy bone - some Calcium sulfate products resorb too quickly and so not support the growth of new bone, some Calcium Phosphate products are very dense and resorb too slowly leaving a foreign material in the bone for sometimes years and failing to heal or grow new bone. BUT there are now combination products that do help your body to grow healthy new bone within 6 to 12 months - I can not give you specifics since I work for one of the companies and I do not want to exploit this excellent forum - a simple Google search for bone remodelling or healing or even bone graft substuitute will give you many results and a lot of information - they even come now with antibiotics loaded to prevent or treat infection. Good luck and do ask your surgeon for more options and be aware that the right material is not the same for all indications. "
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Reply #8 - 06/14/13  2:00am
" Aronia,

I know you have already been given some very good advice. Weigh the pros and cons and even ask the surgeon handling your case if anyone your age has had this done and is willing to talk about his/her experience. If so it might help you to talk with someone who has been through this. If doing this will improve your quality of life then it is the right thing to do. Ultimately it is your decision. I have taken care of many patients who had bone graft removed from their iliac crest and they did very well, suffered no complications and returned to their normal daily lives. I think as with any major procedure such as this it is vital to have a good reputable surgeon. (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) "
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Reply #9 - 06/14/13  2:52am
" Hi there,
I had a graft taken not from my iliac crest, but from my tibia, to be used to fuse my mid foot. I think you're very smart to consider the graft site pain, but I urge you to keep it in perspective. For me, yes, it did take time to heal, and my tibia does still occasionally ache. But I can walk on my foot! For me the trade off was well worth it. If the iliac crest graft is the best chance for you to have a functioning jaw, that might be worthwhile, even if you have to deal with the hip pain. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.
Caren "

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