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Want to remove coats from my ecersize bike
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To actually begin some riding on it in living room. I just got approval for left knee brace to be made under workmans comp, and am having right knee braces straps replaced at my own cost..... Really thinking PT rides of ten minutes every other day probably would help me and certianly not hurt me... But all winter the bike in living room by door has been THE BEST coat rack money could buy :) lol

So tomorrow taking coats into closet where they belong... Also want to add a bar like a towel bar to the closet door so the tie racks I have can be placed outside closet on the bar sine they hang like hanger from bar now in very tight closet... This will help my organization for closet... But I need to be careful to not damage doors of closet as I rent here... Thinking stick on towel bar rather than screw on one. I have two multi level tie racks that hang from bars like coat hangers and need to keep ties straight for use...

Other than those small projects in my morning I guess unloading dishes and clean sheets/new mattress pad on bed will fill my morning if I am up before noon... Not sleeping yet might be the decaf coffee at five pm last night or just simple insomnia... Huggles
Posted on 04/06/13, 01:40 am
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Reply #1 - 04/06/13  1:46am
" Hi Bill , Way to go with your bike I started a month ago riding for fibro and weightloss. I am up to 30 minutes with the exception of this week due to a huge fibro flare up. So let's drink de- caf together. i am usually up until 3 am each night. My doc is changing my med's so let's hope by next week I am a big baby sleeping. I tried taking two benadryl which usually makes you drowsy when you don't want to be . But here I am talking to my lap top. Bye isabee "
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Reply #2 - 04/06/13  1:54am
" I took two melitonin at eleven pm its 1AM now almost "
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Reply #3 - 04/06/13  3:44am
" since I am not sleeping I already took off coats from the bike and I had the perfect towel hanger to use on the living room closet door in my was hanging on the door in there and I really did not use it is an over the door mounting towel rack that has curved place with three bars on I took my tie racks out of the closet and hung them on the second bar it is furthest from the door as it is curved outwards from top to bottom with bow type curve...It is perfect and does no damage to the door...just has a couple things that go over the top of door to hold it on and the rest hangs freely down the front of door...will not need to put holes in door to add a hanger...I am stoked too because I found today a tie that went is maroon and matches two long sleeved maroon shirts I got from store on 75% off happy I found that if I could just find my dad's diamond tie tac attached to one of the ties on the rack I would be stoked...but I am kind of thinking it is gone for some reason....:( I think I lost it some how... "
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Reply #4 - 04/06/13  6:32am
" Good for you Bill. so orgazized. I need to start changing over closets again. Putting winter stuff away, taking out spring and and summer stuff for my trip.

isabee, girlfriend, that's awesome. Sorry your having a flair this week, and I sure hope you'resleeping like a baby.

I don't know why, I can't stay sleeping more than a couple of hours.


Mary Ellen "
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Reply #5 - 04/06/13  8:02am
" hi Bill, just wean yourself into that bike at first, I'd hate to see you make things worse by overdoing it for the first couple times. You even inspired my to get back on mine since it sitting here in front of me, Take good care of yourself you're wonderful people, Blaine "
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Reply #6 - 04/06/13  8:33am
" DH and I would get a wild hair once and a while and go look at exercise equipment... some of them make better bra hangers than others... so its a challenge. I know exactly what you're talking about. "
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Reply #7 - 04/06/13  4:03pm
" Bill,
What an inspiration you are for me! Well, to a point. Instead of tackling my closet and putting the new dressers together I am here. I need to wean myself from here and do something constructive.

Now that my shoulders and hips/quads/hamstrings now have mobility and function I have been easing myself into activity and you need to follow my lead! Do not over do the first few times. I learned and not a pretty site.

So have fun with your organizational skills and I just might start in on mine. Of course I am on a high as my team won last night...did you notice. LOL!

Joanne "
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Reply #8 - 04/06/13  7:11pm
" yes moon but we won todays game just over "

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