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Back from my PCP appt.
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Hi guys,

Well, my doc thinks I have gall bladder disease. He said he wasn't concerned by the huge weight gain. That part I kind of disagree with him.

But he ordered a barium swallow and an abdominal ultrasound that I scheduled for next Thursday. I can have botb tests with the one appt. which is great.

So then I called the rheumatologist he recommended. She's part of the rheumatology group for our hospital. When I called to get an appt, the woman said I was already in their system because I had seen one of their rheumys before.

THAT rheumy was the one who said I don't have lupus and should have never been on the meds I was on and dismissed the dxx. that the doc wou did my EMG had- peripherall neuropathy due to lupus.

Apparently this doc badmouthed me on my chart because I left and never went back to him.Why would you go back to see a doc who didn't believe I had upus in the first place?

The woman said she would have to pull my chart and talk to this asshole doctor to see if it was "Ok with him that I see one of his partners". WTF? So, if this asshole says no, there are no other rheumys in the system which means I'll have to go out of network and pay through the nose.

If he says no, I'm going to demand to speak to him myself. And tell him about the pulmonary embolis and the rhabdo and the lupus pneumonitis, all of which were diagnosed AFTER I saw him and he said I don't have lupus. And the hospital is going to hear about it too. How can one doctor keep you from seeing another?

I was so relieved after my PCP's appt., even though both diagnoses means surgery. At least my liver isn't iinvollved. And if necessary, I'll keep treating my lupus by myself until I end up in the hospital and then one of them will have to see me.

This asshole doctor was the only dr. I've ever had a problem with. And apparently he rules the roost at this practice. I'm tempted to send him a bill if I go out of network because of him.

Oh, and he gave me a couple doses of Reclast for osteoporosis and I didn't continue because I heard bad things about the drug. That's all he did for me.

I am so pissed off right now I could scream. I'm trying not to be rude to the woman on the phone because it's not her fault.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Posted on 03/08/13, 02:13 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/08/13  2:25pm
" Hi Sandy,
I know this is very hard but bite your tongue until you find out if you can get another doctor. If you are forced to leave due to him I would contact your physcians and surgeons board and demand that you not get charged to see another specialist , being as it is not your choice to do so. I don't understand why doctor play God with our lifes and get away with it. It's just not right. There has to be something we can do to get the attention of the physcians boards, so that they cannot walk right over us. I hear for you, did they giive you some med's for the gallbladder disease to ease the symptoms, Alprozalam or losec. Please keepus informed about your appoints. We are al hear for you bella "
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Reply #2 - 03/08/13  2:28pm
" I'm glad its not your liver... I'm sorry your having issue with the rheumatology department in your network, I've run into but she released to the other doctor she didn't have a issue with it.
the new Nuro. clinic she gladly handed me someone else in that department but it won't go thur till he does the EMG in the mean time, she's still in charge I'm trying to get into another next work as I've gone round and round with head office person and don't feel they want to help they just want a pay check as they refuse to do anything for me till they get that EMG other than send to the ER and than have the ER do nothing for me. so stuck right now..
hopefully we'll both get the treatment we need, I know its hard when a doctors have so much control on our health care its not fair, sadly it part of the world we live in.
hang in there hopefully this is just a small hiccup in your care and things will get better
tori "
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Reply #3 - 03/08/13  2:44pm
" Beth actually gave me some good advice. I called back the rheumatologists office and told them not to give my chart to the asshole doc and my PCP would handle it.

Then I called my PCPs office and explained the situation and asked them to ask my PCP to call the rheumatologist he's referring me to himself and get me an appt. that way.

In Georgia, at least, it's illegal to refuse a patient care because another part of a group had a problem with him/her. I don't know if it's the same in NJ but I have no clue how to research it. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.

And if I can't get an appt. with her, I'm going to call my insurance company and explain the situation and maybe there's a way that I can pay the in-network copay because there is no other rheumatology group in our network. Geez, this sucks.

Sandy "
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Reply #4 - 03/08/13  4:22pm
" sandy take those stupid chill pills you got and calm down a little...u are horribleizing did not happen that way yet and when YET is involved does not ALWAYS mean horrible things are to wait it out as your doc works with them...your PCP....hopefully that step was one in right direction....

hugs bill "
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Reply #5 - 03/08/13  5:03pm
" Well, this is what's happening now.

My PCP called and said if he got involved, it would only make matters worse. But.....

Our hospital system has a "medical navigator" to figure out stuff like this. I called and had a wonderful woman work with me to find a rheumatologist in my insurance's network. She gave me the name of 6 rheumys in my area so I'm going to research them all and find the one I think will fit well with me and call on Monday to make an appt. Most are much closer to home than the group I had planned to go to.

And she said I was right- it is illegal for a doctor to deny a pt access to another physician because they didn't like the pts. attitude. But I know if even if I did get in to see the rheumy I wanted to see in the group, he would probably bad mouth me and I'd be off to a bad start with her.

Thank God for people like Brenda from medical navigation. She was so calm and couldn't believe that dr. acted so unprofessionally. It showed me that any doctor you see can do this and taint further treatment.

I'm not sure if I'm going to follow up on this and make a formal complaint about this doctor. I may just leave it go and just go to another group. The group I think I'm going to is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson MC which is an excellent facility. The only problem is if I end up in the hospital for a lupus related crisis and she doesn't have priveileges at our hospital.

Oh well. I'm iin my "don't care' mode. Tim got me a liverwurst sandwich for lunch and my PCP generously raised my klonipin to 1mg (I take 0.25mg now). That's a definite chill pill and since it's Friday afternoon, I can't do anything about it this weekend.

But it is a good cautionary tale for everyone else. If it can happen to me, the most laid-back patient there is, it can happen to you.

Sandy "
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Reply #6 - 03/08/13  5:32pm
" Hi Sandy. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 25. The day after surgery I already felt better than I had for the previous two years. I was one of the lucky ultrasound showed stones. My twin suffered for 5 years but had no stones, so no surgery. Her doc admitted her to run tests, all of which came back normal. She told him she wasn't leaving the hospital until he removed her gall bladder. So he removed it. Even though there were no stones, hers was the worst diseased gall bladder he had ever seen.

I recommend that you ask for a copy of the doc's progress notes from your visit. Then you'll know if you've been bad-mouthed or not. Let the doc know you'll be requesting them. I've had a few diagnoses in my chart that ended up being typos. One of them was terminal. You never know.

Good luck dear. "
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Reply #7 - 03/09/13  12:35pm
" Oh Sandy...

Stillso sorry for your troubles and the medical runaround bullshit, but it sounds like you found an actual helpful person in your medical community... AMAZING! I didn't think they made those anymore!

Wwll, relax until Monday and remember... Breathe in... Breathe out... Relax... Repeat...

And also remember... let me know if there's anything I can do...

Peace, (and love and hugs and all that other good stuff...)
Dave "
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Reply #8 - 03/09/13  1:27pm
" hi sandy i had the ultrsa sound to confirm i had the gallstones i have gallbladder disease as new Upper GI dr is referring me to have mine taken out..hes my second opinion since the first surgeon said she wouldnt touch mine because i have lesions on my liver...

i hope things work out for you and everything turns out ok..i know how hard it is anxiety wise try your calming exercises and just know we are here for you (((hugs))) "
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Reply #9 - 03/09/13  1:36pm
" If worse come to worse and you can't see ANYONE else ( sigh) write a letter to the a hole rather than call - seems less aggressive - make it very professional. You will also have documentation and any back and forth... IF he gives you the respect and writes back. "

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