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afternoon checkin humpday 20th feb...hugs
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I had two driving lessons today both were fine and enjoyable...I made loads of money that way! yeay!

I paid a bit on my sleep # bed today as it was due tomorrow...

I had to buy this expensively priced gasoline today...took $51 to fill my car! yikes!

Today they came to deliver my pooperscooper I ordered online and UPS said they will come tomorrow but tomorrow is a ice and snow event here...they say we will have ice and sleet and freezing rain tomorrow and may end up with three inches of stuff on I am planning to be here in case UPS comes..LOL I do not plan to go anyplace at all...the student today asked if I could go tomorrow I said ICE and SNOW Oh NO! I refused to take her tomorrow...LOL She was not thinking of that when she asked...she will go on Saturday....the second one I had today goes again friday by his father setting it up in advance...I just hope the roads are ok friday....

hope everyone is having a good day...I have just been home long enough to read a few posts and my will continue my way thru todays activity on DS>....hugs all
Posted on 02/20/13, 05:28 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/20/13  5:49pm
" Hi Bill, Teaching others to Drive seems to be a Blessing for You and your Students!

I pd. $50. for gas today also. I passed the gas station this morning gas was 4.79. 3 hrs. later, I stopped to fill my tank and it is 4.87!

All is good at my home today...minimal back and hip pain.

May Everyone have Pleasant Dreams tonight~ "
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Reply #2 - 02/20/13  5:52pm
" NO No No....I made a mistake....Gas is 3.879...not 4.89 (yet) sorry! "
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Reply #3 - 02/20/13  5:56pm
" Hello Bill and Carol!! So good to see the two of you this afternoon. Glad you are both doing well. Gasoline prices are ridiculous!!! I am just sitting around my home trying to relax. Mother in law is cooking dinner, kids are laughing and playing hide n go seek. Watching evening news. Nothing huge happened today thankfully so I will def take that!! HUGs to you and all that follow. "
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Reply #4 - 02/20/13  6:57pm
" since we expect ice tomorrow with snow and sleet I decided to go shopping for groceries tonight since I have the $$$ I off to store I will go after 6pm news is over I is just 5:55pm I ate first too...had left over hamburger helper...I finished what was left after lunch today on that too...

I will ride the cart if they have any carts available but my guess is store will be packed as storm approaches....wish me luck! "
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Reply #5 - 02/20/13  10:09pm
" I went grocery shopping and then home then decided to see if the homeless guy dennis needed to get some groceries I took him to different grocery store to shop...I ended up buying a pound of hamburger...then watching CSI and going to watch news then Leno and bed... "

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