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Am I being parinoid?
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I know this is really not chronic pain relayed but My Dad is Diabetic and takes insulin shots. Late last night he stubbed his toe on his rolling walker and tore his toenail half off. He was finally able to get it to stop bleeding.

I think to be on the safe side that he needs to see a doctor to prevent infection.

What do y'all think?

Posted on 02/05/13, 06:05 am
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Reply #11 - 02/06/13  1:03am
" My big toe "toenails" come off every 3 to 4 weeks like clockwork, they kind of grow back (a thinner version) then they fall off again. They'll never grow back and stay on permanently. You don't have to go to the Dr. each time your toenail comes off beit 1/2 way or all of the way. Just keep it clean, soap and water, dry, put some triple antibiotic ointment with pain med on it and bandage it. It will be painful for a few days.


p.s. if it becomes very red or drains pus or bloody pus then see a Dr. but it you keep it clean, ointment and bandaged this should not happen. "
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Reply #12 - 02/06/13  8:48am
" Scriber,

No, your not paranoid. Diabetics can run into all sorts of complications if a wound isn't properly cared for. He should be seeing a podiatrist regularly to clip his toenails and inspect his feet. Infected wounds are the number one reason that a diabetic ends up with an amputation and it's so easily preventable.

As Beth said, it will take quite a whilefor it to heal so follow the drs. orders about dressing changes, etc. Make sure he wears only white socks- the dyes in colored ones can add to the infection.

You're a great daughter for helping your dad out!

Sandy "
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Reply #13 - 02/06/13  4:00pm
" Thanks again to all...

My Dad just told me that he also broke his toe...

I did not go back into the exam room with him because I was coughing like crazy... "

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