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How about Paris?
Posted on 01/26/13, 07:59 am
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Reply #11 - 01/26/13  10:32am
" Good morning RJ. I will continue praying for your father. Will he be sitting in the truck for the trip? My prayers go out for him this morning for a safe journey.

Paris huh? Oh boy! I would love french bread with butter and marmalade. Yum! I don't like flying but on the Concord, won't even have time to worry, lol!

Serenity, the squirrels here are about the size of Penny. They love teasing Sissy and Jack by getting on the fence where big dogs await on the other side and swishing their tails to entice the cats to jump. S&J are on to them though, lol. When Sissy was way younger, one squirrel had her chasing him on a neighbor's roof. We had to get the ladder out and rescue her!

Beth, so glad you had fun with your kiddos last night. Have fun with your friend today!

Autumn, I don't know how you do it. You should be nominated Mom of the Year. I hope you get a minute to yourself today. I feel like I need a nap everytime I read about all that you do. Hugs

Good morning Mary!

I went grocery shopping yesterday so I'm hobbled this morning. So, there I was in the bathroom using the facilties so to speak. In walks Max and into my pajamas he jumps. I'm looking down at my cute little kitten trying to do a hostile takeover of my pj bottoms!

He's a mess, that one is, lol. Ahhhh, it's naptime so there's peace in the kingdom. I better hurry and enjoy the downtime while I can!
I pray that all before and all after have a low pain day. Hugs "
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Reply #12 - 01/26/13  10:33am
" OH WOW Paris... how exciting!!! Wonderful place to all get together for breakfast.

I didn't sleep too well because pain kept waking me up.
I waited for morning to come so I could get out of bed and move around.

Today my husband and I are going to a movie so I hope that I can sit through the whole thing. I usually get up a couple of times and stretch.
Im hoping to stop in and visit my youngest son before the movie.

I hope that you all can have the best day possible. Less pain/more happiness!!!
Cindi "
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Reply #13 - 01/26/13  10:35am
" Good morning,

RJ,, Paris sounds great, and after eating some bread and cheese and fruit, I heard you say chocolate.croissants, so now I'm going to have one of them and sit and relax with my coffee.

I slept well last night for the 1st time in a long time. My heating blanket felt so good, actually, I'm still under it now. I will have to get ready soon though. I really need to do food shop basically for fruits and veggies and need to pick up some meds at Costco.

RJ, I am praying that your dad's trip to your brother's is a safe one and hope he can put all of that bad stuff behind him. I just thank God that your brother was able to take care of things and be there for him. I know how worried you are about him. Please keep us posted.

Serenityha, How is your dad? Have you heard anything else. I am praying that he came out of anesthesia fine and that it hasn't made him to disoriented. We have.a ton of.squirrels around here, but I don't see too many in this cold. I'm glad you got some sleep last night.

Mary, it's nice to see you. Your mother is 90 years old, God Bless het.. I hope you have a great day.

autumn, another busy day with your kids. I don't know how you do it, but it's funny, when it's for your chilldren, somehow you always find the stregth to do it. Your daughters boyfriend and his family sound nice. That's so important. Try not to overdo it today.

Beth, I'm so glad you had a good night with your kids. They adore their mom. I am so happy that one of your friends is coming over to spend time with you and your kids. I'm sure both you and the kids will enjoy the company and the burgers. I hope your day is filled with joy and love. I am keeping you in my prayers honey.

Hopefully everyone here and all who follow have a low pain day.


Mary Ellen "
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Reply #14 - 01/26/13  10:40am
" Goooood morning n G'day Hugs and Sparkles...... everyone.....

Thinking of you all, and sending wishes for a peaceful weekend..

Hugs.... x "
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Reply #15 - 01/26/13  10:40am
" Cindi, sorry I missed you. Must have been posting at same time. I'm sorry you didn't get much sleep. I hope your pain eases and hopefully the movie will take your mind off the pain.

Have a good day,


Mary Ellen "
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Reply #16 - 01/26/13  10:47am
" Good morning Seek, I do pray you're having a better day today and that your pain eases soon.

Diana, that cat is just too much, but I enjoy hearing about his adventures. Always makes me smile. Hope you have a restful day.


Mary Ellen "
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Reply #17 - 01/26/13  12:08pm
" Good morning, everyone.
Wow, did I sleep. 11pm (I think) til 6:30a when the damned alarm clock went off (I forgot to turn it off) but I went back to sleep til 10:30a. That dilaudid my doc gave me helped so much. I actually woke up this morning without flank pain, but it's starting up again, so I may take another dose soon. But the nausea is better and I was able to eat my waffles for bf. Maybe this thing is passing? Could I be that lucky?

RJ, great idea for bf in Paris. It's on my bucket list- I should have gone when I was in London, but it was before the Chunnel and harder to get to. I'll be taking one of those chocolate croissants- my favorite food in the world. I'm sure WW has a point value for them, but I don't want to see it. lol....

My plan today is to get the boys to take down the Christmas tree. Seriously, it's Jan.26th and long overdue. I also would like to get our bedroom cleaned up and get the clothes folded and put away so Tim can do some more wash- it's never ending. As soon as you put the clean clothes away, the dirty ones pile in. I feel like we have a family of 8 rather than 3 sometimes.

Sorry, I'm on the second page, so I may miss a lot of people this morning. Just know i"m thinking about you all.

RJ, I'm still praying for your dad. I will think of him today as he starts his journey. He sounds like a strong man, so no doubt he'll survive this trip and start getting better because he's amongst loving people who will care for him instead of abuse him.

Dianna, too funny about your cat. My dog, Sam, used to chew on my undies (always the dirty ones). It was so gross and meant getting them replaced a lot.He was a nut but I loved him dearly..

Mary, always good to see you. Glad you joined us.

Seek, I was thinking about you all day yesterday as I'm in the midst of a nasty lupus flare (the first one in six years or so). I hope you're feeling a little better today.Flares just suck.

Autumn, your posts make me exhausted. Tell me your secret, please. I do one thing- a shower, or make dinner, or fold clothes and I'm done for the day.

Good morning, Cindi. What movie are you going to see? There are several out there I'd love to see but the theater is pretty far away. The last movie I saw in a theater was Hunger Games and that's because my son and his then girlfriend wanted to see it so we tagged along. It was worth it, but even the stadium-seating seats made my back hurt so much. I wait for movies to come out on Netflix or online or on Comcast on-demand. That way I can sprawl across my bed and go to the bathroom anytime I want without missing anything. Good luck to you!

Mary Ellen, good luck with your shopping. You know what happened the last time I went shopping, so I'm leaving it to Tim for now. Now I just have to get him awake so he can go. I'm hoping to make stuffed peppers for dinner but we need the beef and peppers for it. Or I could just add a bouillon cube to the rice and color it green?

Serenity, I love to watch animals interact. When I was growing up, we had a huge oak tree just outside our dining room window and I loved watching the squirrels. But Sam, my beagle was so aggravated by them. He was on a zipline and those squirrels knew exactly how far they could go and still stay just out of reach of him. Poor dog- I hope he's having more success in heaven chasing those squirrels.
Beth, enjoy those Krystal burgers. I haven't had one since we moved from Florida. They were tasty! Have fun with your friend- you deserve it.

And e4now, I'm glad you're here with us. I hope you're feeling a bit better. I know you've been having a rough time of it lately.

It's very cold here and we got about 2 inches of snow last night. It looks so beautiful but I'm glad I don't have a reason to go outside today.

I'm hoping to get to watch more of Breaking Bad. I bought season 5 from and have watched 4 episodes so far. Then I just have to wait til June for the new season. Conor got new guitar strings yesterday and had it tuned. He's going to start lessons in the next few weeks. The nice part is he can walk to the shop so no taxi service for us. He had a great musci teacher this semester and got a good start on playing the guitar. I bought it for him 2 Christmases ago and it was a big dent in my SSD check but it was well worth it. I play keyboards so maybe one day he'll allow us to play together. When he's done being a teenager, I suppose.

Have a great day everyone!

And where in the world is JC and Kat? And Susie? Our family is missing members and I'm worried.

Sandy "
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Reply #18 - 01/26/13  1:03pm
" hugs all...I am on my way to Paris eh? I do not speak french and they are not friendly but I will take along all the money I am making from my driving school and new job...LOL they like our green! LOL

I had student this morning and he jumped a curb on cornering and knocked off the right side rocker panel on my had been damaged before but this time it needed to come we sit there while using the gerber tool I keep in car to undo the long assed bolt holding it on the back end of me a hand he was able to get the thing off faster than me....and we stuck it into back end of car and kept on going....later I called to see what a new one would run me....cannot believe that piece of plastic is $239 plus getting it painted to match car and then installed...ouchie I think the car looks ok without it so I am driving without it....oh well go figure I am cheapo "
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Reply #19 - 01/26/13  1:08pm
" thanks guys i am feeliung a bit better today, new day, new hope right :) sorry to hear about your car bill "
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Reply #20 - 01/26/13  1:09pm
" sorry cut off early to go pee...LOL TMI?

I am glad your dad is on his way to home that loves him and the shit with his step kids is done and done....

anyway hugs to all....I have another student in hour and will be happy when that is done as the rent money will be there after Unemployment next week...

well the weather is supposed to change tonight rain and perhaps freezing rain in morning tomorrow...

today the television stations locally are all (4) SHOWING STAN MUSIAL'S FUNERAL LIVE.....what a is amazing....they are as hooked into this as if he were president of the USA....

off soapbox....

hugs to all who I missed and those who come after.... "

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