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Hey!! Just realised I joined DS..
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.. a year ago today. ( I know...seems like a lot longer to some of you..:-) :-)

How about you? When did you join DS? The CP group?

( I know it's on your profiles..but would be fun to see altogether.)

Once I read the whole check-in thread...gave an interesting mini history of some of the group.

Posted on 01/03/13, 09:34 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Chronic Pain. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #31 - 01/03/13  6:30pm
" Sorry JC, didn't mean to sound argumentative with u, I just really thought DS was older than 2006 based on conversations that went on when Doug was getting ready to sell the site.
It sure has become enormously popular in just 7 years. Wikipedia has interesting tidbits if anyone is interested. "
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Reply #32 - 01/03/13  6:32pm
" August 31 2009 "
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Reply #33 - 01/03/13  6:50pm
" I'm coming up for my 5 year DS birthday... Jan 15 2008... and what's even more amazing is I still have some of the friends I made in my first few weeks here, though many others have come and gone. "
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Reply #34 - 01/03/13  7:06pm
" 2.5.12 almost a year Go :) "
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Reply #35 - 01/04/13  9:36am
" 2008,,,,but joined this group last few months with all the pain in my leg........ and i may have more surgery comming up.... "
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Reply #36 - 01/04/13  9:55am
" I joined DS in August of 2009. I used to belong primarily to the polycystic kidney disease site. I'm not sure when I started to post more regularily on the chronic pain site but I've been reading the posts for years. "
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Reply #37 - 01/04/13  10:42am
" i must of come on here when it first started or shortly after . i cannot r ember things like dates and ect lol thanks jc it dose seem longer to me as well hugs minnie "
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Reply #38 - 01/04/13  11:26am
" i joined ds july 31,2011.gotta say yall have made this group a life line for me,more than you will ever know or understand.maddie. "
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Reply #39 - 01/04/13  11:31am
" I just joined a few weeks ago and I am very glad and blessed to be here! :-7 "

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