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got my ride home today from sister....
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came in to some happy doggies...but after sister walked out door I went into bedroom to find destruction happened...the worst of which was they tore hole in one panel of the feather feathers all over floor and elsewhere...oh well I tried...did not realize the comforter would be targeted....but it was...

they also I mean tucker also got papers out of places and had them on floor and a checkbook box near back door as well as a box of resume papers....oh well go figure I wanted them to have my bed to sleep in and doc to have his soft closet...but next time just the kitchen....from there they can go outside but the floor is not soft for them to sleep on....

I am in bed watching the president on gun control...I am a gun owner but the ridiculous need for guns to shoot 30-50rounds in semi automatic mode with these huge clips is crazy...I do not support the guns having such large capacity....
off soapbox

hugs with knee up and ice on it...I took a vicodin half hour ago and when we picked up meds I had to pay for the antibiotic even though I have a card for meds from workmans comp...but they needed to get the adjuster to approve the purchase...they said if she did they would refund my card the $97 or so it cost for five pills....ouchie...
Posted on 12/19/12, 12:23 pm
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Reply #11 - 12/19/12  9:29pm
" Bill,
So glad you are home and on the mend! That is excellent news. As for your furry babies misbehavior it was cute they missed you but the mess not so cute. I have a 60 pound furry baby boy boxer and when he misses me he tends to destroy my kitchen of all places, lol. Prayers for a quick healing:) "
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Reply #12 - 12/19/12  9:36pm
" Hey Bill. Glad you doing ok after your surgery. I'm sure there's pain but it at least sounds manageable.

I too am a gun owner (we have several) but we don't have/need an assault rifle. The NRA has been quiet and I can only believe it's out of respect for the victims. I know I wouldn't be too upset if the put a ban on them.

I am sorry your dogs tore your stuff up. I am always making sure my dogs have a soft place to sleep too. My husband laughs and says "they're dogs!" What can I say? It sounds like you and I are suckers.

Hope you feel better tomorrow. Take it easy and don't overdue it.

Laura "
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Reply #13 - 12/19/12  10:24pm
" LOL...okay I have to ask...why was there pancake mix in your backpack????? "
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Reply #14 - 12/19/12  11:36pm
" I took pancake mix to moms so I could make my breaky and did just that hence open box of pancake mix in backpack "

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