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surprised that the Avitars have gone to motion
Watch this 
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since a few months ago I got lambasted about an avitar that had motion to it as if I were trying to cause people to have seizures.....or headaches....

I wish that they would hold all accountable for motion avitars....harumph!
Posted on 12/13/12, 08:11 am
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Reply #11 - 12/13/12  11:15am
" We did used to have a member..well..still do..but she's not able to get on right now..
Who was subject to siezures..that's likely why it was an issue at one time.
I can't think of her screen name...Kathy.
( she had started doing the spa thread).

I think it's a moot point now.

Hugs....jc "
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Reply #12 - 12/13/12  11:33am
" yes, do miss cathy very much. she was a vital part of our group and had serious seizure issues to the point where going into a store with that lighting would set them off. as far as i know, she's in a nursing home now.

having worked with patients prone to seizures or migraines, they can trigger both depending upon the intensity... "
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Reply #13 - 12/13/12  1:33pm
" If someone asks me to change it I will. Bill, are you asking me to change it? It'll take me a bit to find another Christmas one. All the ones I have, move. "
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Reply #14 - 12/13/12  4:35pm
" Bill,

As a seizure patient I can assure you that motion Avi's won't cause seizures, not everything seen on House is actually accurate.

I never though you should have changed your Avi, it's your right to do whatever you wish. I think you should put your Avi back up.

Take care,

Kat "
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Reply #15 - 12/13/12  4:45pm
" Actgually it is FLASHING that can cause seziures. I think moving ones are just distracting for people who are struggling to concentrate with pain.

Some people are in so much pain at times that they can't concentrate with movement. Not sure if that should be YOUR problem.

But you are most considerate for chaging your avi to accomodate them. "
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Reply #16 - 12/13/12  4:57pm
" Hi Bill,
I remember 2 thread of the same complaint.

Flashing lights can cause some of us seizures. If is causes a person seizures they can have a piece of cardboard ready to cover the avi like I do.A seizure does not hit as soon as the avi flashes there is time to cover it.

I think they are cute and I can cover them if they cause me an issue. Why should I cause others not to enjoy. I am not familiar with movement causing seizures but I am not a doctor. Maybe it causes a headache, don't know. The same thing would apply, just cover the avitar.

I would never ask someone to change their avitar, unless it was "X" rated :) I am shy!!!!

Hugs-RJ "
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Reply #17 - 12/13/12  7:28pm
" I just want to acknowledge Bill's point and his feelings.

At other times some have complained of this and if someone has asked me to change mine and then others did it I would wonder too....

Bill, maybe the people yours bothered aren't here right now or for some reason it isn't bothering them now.
You know how the pain is.... it is different every day. "
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Reply #18 - 12/13/12  7:57pm
" I was asked to change mine maybe a year ago because of the flashing and moving. The seizure and migraine thing were explained to me, so I don't use moving or flashing avatars. "
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Reply #19 - 12/14/12  6:25pm
" I know some of the smaller private boards what I ask you to not put up a flashing or motion Avi for that reason. but I have not seen on the main boards however I think it's a good idea that everybody take everybody eldest feelings into consult consideration. I know when I was in a emt we would have to turn the flashing lights off on ambulance before we got to the seizure patients house.

if someone else asked me to take mine down, I would have no problems and would not be offended. I understand everyone has different situations medically as this is a chronic pain medical board. "
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Reply #20 - 12/14/12  11:31pm
" what folks need to realize is there's a big difference between rapidly flashing lights and a slowly moving or repeating Avitar.... "

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