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Last night my darling hubby advised me after a very long night of being uncomfortable & in extreme pain that on top of me not having CP & just being plain lazy that ALL my CP problems are due to......get weight as I am too fat. He is so lucky I didn't take his gun & shoot him last night. You NEVER tell a pregnant woman she's fat or tell a CP'er that all their problems are due to being over weight

If that's the case then why did I still suffer (even more then now) when I was at an all time low of 125. Luckily for him he bought me lunch, flowers cigs & an energy drink today otherwise he might be in for a very bad night tonight...
Posted on 12/06/12, 03:18 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/06/12  3:28pm
" Any man who talked to me the way your Husband does to you, would quickly become my ex.

I hate that you live with such an abusive man. I wish you realized that you deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Many hugs...
Cherry "
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Reply #2 - 12/06/12  4:43pm
" Hon,

You know the crap your hubby is saying is just crap, to get at you, make you upset and make you feel bad. Screw Him! You don't need to be with someone like this, your worth more than this.

I hope that you realize that you can make it on your own without this vile man's daily poison.

I left a man after 26 years together and 24 yrs of marriage that acted a lot like your husband....after putting up with it that long and convincing myself that it was better for my boys to try and keep things together....a quick read of my then 10 yr olds diary that he left open on his bed 1 day convinced me very quickly that I wasn't doing my sons any I left and it's been hard and scary, but I've survived, and even through all the hard and scary parts....I much prefer my life now to what I put up with for all those years.

Take care...

Kat "
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Reply #3 - 12/06/12  5:18pm
" Sweet, the more you describe your husband the more he sounds abusive. He may not hit you, but the emotional abuse can be even worse. Is he that unhappy about his life? Then maybe he should leave. Honestly, I think you'd be better off without him.

But I can't judge another marriage. My mom stayed with my abusive dad until the day she died. I still haven't figured out why. It's something I can't answer right now.

I pray this all dies down and your husband gains a bit of respect for you. Maybe he doesn't realize how lucky he was you didn't have a gun.

My husband left me in 2011 because he said he was sick of being my caregiver. Turns out it was more about my bad money mgt (which I've changed). He came to his senses and we've been back together since December of last year. He treats me so much better now and we're back to the way we were when we were first married.

So men CAN change. it's a matter of if they WANT to change. Hopefully you husband is smart enough to know what he's got. Sometimes people think the grass is greener elsewhere, until they get elsewhere and they realize how good they had it. I pray that's the case with your husband.

Sandy "
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Reply #4 - 12/06/12  6:46pm
" I had eleven years of this. I finally left. I didn't have kids, I wish I had left so much earlier. Abuse is Abuse. It doesn't have to be just hitting. It is so many other things. I am not pregnant and you are definitely right you never tell a pregnant women she fat. But you should call anyone fat. I gain so much weight from not being to exercise and not barely eating and all the different meds I was handed since I was 18. gained over 140lbs. I weigh 320lb. I feel low. My ex is already with his second girl friend in two years, I not interested in men, I need to work on my self. Don't take that crap from anyone. You have reason to let your husband get away with talking to you that way. What we women put up with. Imagine what he'll do to your children's thoughts on on measuring up. I had a father like this and no matter even when I was not over eight he did this too me. I knever had any confidence. It doesn't only hurt you. "
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Reply #5 - 12/06/12  7:14pm
" im sending love and support your way ...i know how hard it is to be in that type of situation...ive been abused in every way for most of my life...frankly, its dangerous verbal abuse WILL escalate ...take care of yourself "
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Reply #6 - 12/06/12  9:16pm
" He is below the pond scum and maggot fault line. OMG. First of all you are not fat you are pregnant.. What a jackass. Second of all you are an intelligent and I am sure beautiful girl who deserves respect. I have lived with various forms of abuse my entire life as well and my heart goes out to you. Like I said, he needs to man up, be a father and husband instead of a channel surfer/sperm donor. Sorry hon, but this stuff ruffles my feathers. Put your feet up and take care of yourself. Gentle hugs coming your way from me. Oh, and a baseball bat to defend yourself. "
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Reply #7 - 12/06/12  9:22pm
" swdream,

Hes got a friggin nerve. I really hate that he treats you like this, His jekel & hyde personality reminds me of my mom & my ex. Both were drinkers and abusive one minute.and the next day sweet as could be like nothing ever happened. The stress is no good for you or thr baby. it that everyone always thinks losing weight is cure all. I eas 300 lbs at one time, now about 155. My back hip & leg pain is so much worse now than it.ever was. Everyone thinks you lose weight, you feel better.

Hope things get.better for you soon. All this stress will put your pain levels so much higher. I'm sending lots of prayers & hugs your way.

Mary Ellen "

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