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My nieces EX husband has had his share of drug problems from Pills to smoking MJ to drinking way to much for such a young person of 25 he has gotten off to only go back on when they divorced.

He recently went into the ER as his grandparents took him he was throwing up blood and a few months ago he was having seizures and they said his liver enzymes were very high and of course he checked him self out before he got a DX.

Does anyone on here know what high enzymes would mean and the throwing up blood? is he is a dangerous point in his life.

I know this is sort of off topic but we all take meds and know medical stuff probably more then some nurses LOL and wondering if he abusing the pills could have an effect on these enzymes?

My niece is worried they have a five year old daughter together and we tried to goggle it but way to much info to wade through.

Thanks for any help with this
Posted on 02/24/12, 01:10 am
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Reply #1 - 02/24/12  1:24am
" I am sorry to tell you this but I have a friend who is an addict. They had symptoms like this before rehab took. He is on the way to killing himself unless he stops abusing.

Will be praying for him. "
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Reply #2 - 02/24/12  2:45am
" I am afraid Sunny is right. Especially pills, many are know to affect the liver, that is often why many of us have to have quarterly blood tests to check liver and kidney function.

Seizures, may be pill related, but more likely alcohol related. If he was on harder stuff like cocaine, extacsy, heroine, and the like, could also cause seizures.

Do not know of any MJ probs other than tar in lungs, but there is a lady on the fibro board, BasketMoon, she has a MJ group and has been an advocate for years, so you might try asking her. If profile private, let me know, she is on my friends list and I can message her for you.

Bottom line is, unless he wants to get clean, there is not much you can do. Some have tried interventions with varying success. If you try this route, I suggest contacting a professional interventionist first and consulting, then decide.

Went through this recently with my 19yo cousin, she chose no. Two weeks later.....arrested, 2 years in jail. But jail is better than dead.

I really feel for your niece, I know she hurts for her child and him.

I'll dig up what info I can and get back to you. Will be praying for all of you. Sending hugs, love, and comfort.

Tonna "
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Reply #3 - 02/24/12  4:37am
" High liver enzymes means that there is liver inflamation and damage. This can be caused by hepatitis, alcohol and drug abuse. Re:vomiting blood, damage to the liver causes interference with our blood clotting mechanism, and we bleed more easily and have trouble stopping bleeding. Cirrhosis of the liver can also cause varicose veins to form in the esophagus, and if they start bleeding it would cause vomiting blood. That type of bleeding is especially dangerous.

Bottom line, he is in a very dangerous place. I hope he gets some help before ti's too late.

Hugs and hth,
Theresa "
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Reply #4 - 02/24/12  6:24am
" Thank you so much as we are worried he stopped by the house the other day to tell the baby her hamster died and of course pick up money from my niece she did not know at the time but when he walked in he was so messed up he was slurring his words and he was slow. Now he said he just smoked MJ but we knew better as we know MJ does not do that to you.

He just got back his license he was in eight car accidents in two months and to top it off he had his grandma in the car when he stopped by, grandmas can have blinders on to. He has legal trouble because of drugs.

We are more worried about the pill and maybe Heroin and alcohol abuse then MJ is not that bad but I think he is abusing that as well smoking it chronically

Sunny I know he always says he is going to get clean but then he does not. I am afraid we are going to get that call one day he is dead by the drugs or getting in another car accident that he will not walk away from and I hope he does not hit another car. "
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Reply #5 - 02/24/12  7:20am
" My grandson's father is an active addict facing prison.
My daughter has given her life over to him.
My grandson is 15 months and will likely not know his Daddy.
My heart aches for all three of them.

No one in his family or mine has been able to help him...
Because he just is not ready.
He seems to be one that will die before he is.

It's so sad for whole families, Manny...I know.

Hugs.....jc.. "
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Reply #6 - 02/24/12  7:46am
" I pray he gets help soon manny! I guess you've probably already pulled the 'will you do it for your daughter' hand?
Maybe telling him what everyone here has said it will get his attention and he will get the care he needs.
I hope so.
Hugs "
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Reply #7 - 02/24/12  7:50am
" my liver enzymes were first found to be severely high in 2010,i was put in the hospital..i had been drinking on the wkends with ex hubby..i was kept in there for a week..i was told i had inflamation of my liver and to never drink again.

.i havent drank since,,,,but my enzymes still go up...the gastro said i dont have cirrosis(cant spell)and my liver looks fine but my bile duct is enlarged...supposed to have a procedure done to get whats in it out

im a recoverying alcoholic.....im worried about your nieces ex hubby....he needs help bad but until he really wants to stop..you cant do anything but pray and encourage him to get help...

ive never thrown up blood......ill pray for him,he is so young...my oldest son had his bout with drugs and alcohol but is clean and sober now at 26,im so proud of him....he went to jail,rehabs..ect...then one day he decided he didnt like his life..he did it all by himself....ill pray for the young man....hugs to you
amy "
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Reply #8 - 02/24/12  8:04am
" I was a chemical dependency RN for 10 yrs. Look up esophageal varices manny. Could also be an ulcer. For 25 yrs old, he seems pretty far along with alcoholism. The bleeding combined with elevated liver enzymes speak more to alcohol than any thing else to me.

The seizures could happen when he doesn't drink. He may be detoxing at that time until he drinks again. I've also been in recovery for about 20 yrs. The best thing your niece can do is not support his pill and booze habit by giving him money. Maybe you could suggest Al-Anon for her??

If your niece stays with him, I hope she comes to realize that no threats, consequences or intervention will sober him up until he decides he wants it for himself. Personally, I would suggest to her to run for high ground. Best wishes. "
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Reply #9 - 02/24/12  9:09am
" My niece and him have been divorced for a few years she left him within the first year of marriage for someone else and he relapsed and Never stopped from that and he is getting worse and worse as time goes on.

He does not think he has a problem as he is a addict and so for will not get help at least at this time. I think he checked himself out of ER because he knew what they were going to say and did not want to hear it and face it.

Dixie, We have used his daughter card and no such luck he just does not think he has a problem and cant get through to him that he does.

It was very curious after he picked up the money from my niece she thought if was for tickets that two days later he ended up in ER it sounded to me he took that money and went on a binge and did not pay tickets at all.

Thanks again, "
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Reply #10 - 02/24/12  9:39am
" I don't know anything about this manny, but I just wanted you to know that I hope things get better for you and your niece. "

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