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Wasp Stings and pain weeks later
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I posted almost 3 weeks ago about being stung multiple times by wasps after my son was attacked. I was stung on both arms and hands and legs. My son, 2, looked worse and was taken to ER, and I investigated to see WTH had stung him. I found out soon and was really in pain when I felt the venom go in repeatedly.

Now, weeks later (3 on Sunday) I still have 2 scabs that won't heal, one on each arm. The ice I put on it right away kept most of the swelling down but as my hubby said, (and he never is worried about anything) "they look bad."

I got really sick after I was stung and even had my hubby stay home from work to care for not just the baby but me, too. I was itching but that wasn't a big deal. I was in pain and hated the swelling. I'm SO glad my son's face swelling went down and he didn't react in any other way, just the swelling and itching. I was Dog Sick!

But now, 3 weeks later, after spending a week sick, I'm starting to wonder why these stings aren't healing. I've been very patient. But now I have pain in my arms that I'm not used to, and the pain meds for RSD are not helping the pain that went away and came back on stupid WASP stings!

They itch, I scratch, I accidentally get it bleeding and I wonder why it is still so swollen after 3 weeks. If I were allergic I would've reacted by NOW. It's more like having an annoying additional pain problem. I'm being so careful typing and still have typos, but b/c I was stung multiple times on both wrist areas, it's not easy.

Has anyone ever dealt with stings like this before? I don't want to even THINK it would spread my 14 year RSD and the pain isn't exactly like that anyway. It's sore, annoying, burning on one hand and itching on the other. I really hate to complain. It's not like it would keep me from working if I had a regular job and I'm still keeping house, mothering my son and writing (my job.) I even traveled to Cancun for work and had a good time. (The sunburn worked right in with the stings which were not then back to bothering me.)

I just took my pain meds, added an ambien as I am going to sleep at last, and hope I wake up feeling better. I just wonder why wasp stings would still be swollen and re-bugging me. Re-bugging? I crack myself up. Sorry, the Ambien is kicking in. I must go to sleep b/c I don't want my son to ever see me acting a bit odd. For some reason, Ambien works for me (I only take it on rare occasion- 3-4 times a year) but it makes me a little loopy. I've read where people do odd things on Ambien and I don't want to spill the family secrets online, LOL. Funny that an IV of morphine/valium doesn't touch me, but this tiny pill does. Maybe b/c it is so rare that I take it? Or, perhaps it is b/c I am awake where I should be trying to sleep. ;)

Anyway, if ANYONE has heard about these odd wasp or bee sting reactions, I would like to hear your ideas/thoughts. I know we're getting swamped by insects in our area this summer and I can't be the only one. And before I forget, both arms have repeated stings that clumped together, and even though you can see where the stinger went in (it looks like I had shots) there is still a raised area underneath. Now, the venom would be gone by now, right? I had the internal reaction with the flu symptoms in addition to the ugly stings, that lasted about a week, maybe less. Last few days it's just come back as 1st, sore, and now pain. Can the venom last THAT long? I was stung, we figured, well over 20 times, mostly in 2 areas, one on each wrist area.

And I do know it's possible that I just infected the areas by scratching. It's hard to believe, though, b/c my son scratched his stings worse and nothing bad happened. And I scratched other stings and didn't get THIS kind of reaction. So while it IS possible, I don't think that's it.

And the pain medicine is working so I'm putting laptop down and pulling sheets up and get a good night's sleep!

Posted on 08/12/11, 04:12 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/12/11  4:17pm
" Mom was stung once like that. It took weeks to heal up.

Have you been to your doc to make sure that it is not infected? "
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Reply #2 - 08/12/11  4:38pm
" they may have left a stinger or two behind?

it may be a reaction to the meds youre on?

definately talk to the dr about it, but stings can be bad for a while, even if youre not allergic

i hope it gets better soon, and im glad your son is doing better!

*hugs* "
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Reply #3 - 08/13/11  9:19am
" The only thing I can think of is that your RSD is making healing go slow for some reason. I also think as we get older it gets harder to bounce back from things. 3 weeks is a long time and have you had the doctor look at it and if you did what did he say about it.

Like sunny was saying maybe there is a infection below the skin and you need some kind of antibiotic to clear it up. "
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Reply #4 - 08/13/11  9:23am
" If stingers are left in can cause more likly infection.
If u have any small reaction u never knew about in past. If stingers are still in like drip posion.
Go to dr get it checked out. "
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Reply #5 - 08/13/11  12:00pm
" I see my doc this week so I'll have him look at it. I did get a good night's sleep so that helped. But the itching is still a bummer. My hubby is in a tournament today so I can't take the Benadryl (have to watch the little one) but I'm hoping it'll calm down on its own.

I sure hope it's not RSD as I can't even imagine having it anywhere else. But yes, I am getting older so it could just be taking its own sweet time to heal. The pain bothers me but it's nothing like RSD pain so hoping all is well. "
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Reply #6 - 08/13/11  1:22pm
" My gosh Hun, I do not know anything about wasp, bee's etc. but it sounds like you are maybe having a bad reaction to the sting or maybe something else going on. If I was you, I would go to a non-emergency clinic, the kind that see minor emergencies, you never know, and is best to have a Doc see you, than be worry about it.

Take care, and please keep us posted, maybe we all can learn a thing or two about wasp's.

Hugs, "
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Reply #7 - 08/13/11  4:48pm
" Hey, how you feeling? Any better yet? "
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Reply #8 - 06/28/15  6:51am
" I was stung by a wasp about a week ago. I have been stung two previous times in the past several years. The last time before last week, I had a bad reaction where there was a great deal of swelling, my entire body itched, my throat and tongue swelled, etc., but these things only lasted maybe 24 hours and after that it was just the usual sting site that had to heal. When I was stung last week, however, I immediately took allergy pills and did not have the whole body itch and the swelling was contained to my arm (I was stung on a finger). The swelling went down after about 3-4 days, for the most part. It is still just a bit swollen. This time, though, the pain was much more intense and continues to bother me. I would say it is moderate pain and nothing seems to help it. My entire hand and arm are in constant pain and after reading this post, I am wondering if this is going to continue for weeks or even months. It is very bothersome. "
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Reply #9 - 06/28/15  6:59am
" you could have started your own thread here not digging back 4yrs to old thread.....sorry you got hurts and I hope you heal quickly...I use neosporin on any kind of skin breaks.... "
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Reply #10 - 06/28/15  12:38pm
" Bug bites can causes subsequent cellulitis. The usual treatment is antibiotics. It is best to get it checked out . "

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