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Just went to my 1st MD who specializes in chronic illness (CFS and Fibro included). Had about a 20 minute exam with MD, had some nurse take "gallons: of blood out of me and I had to blow repeatedlt into some plastic tyhing (coughed my way thru). I am suposed to get an MRI for brain (dizziness and memory loss) , CT scan for chest and nasal passages (lungs and nose have been stuffed up/congested for 4 years now).

I was there for about 2-2/12 hours which is much more than the usual 10-20 minutes I get from MDs in my state. Oh. this place is 2 hours from me.

One thing that did not sit right with me was they sold me $170 worth of products including Di_Ribose, some energy powder U put in a drink, fish oil, and 3 diffferent types of nasal spray. Feel a little ripped off but felt so sick yesterday and rove to this mede clinic from CT where I spent Xmas, was 45 mins late because of traffic and had to deal with so many emplyees of clinic. I admit they were nice to see me after beimng so late.

Oh, one other thing they wanted me to do was come down there 1-2 times/wk to have an intravenous thing hooked into arm where vitamins and nutrients would be directly put in system. It is a $100 per vsist and a 4 hour round trip so told them "no".

Suppposed to follow up with a Nurse prac in a month and MD in 3 months.

Anyone have any comments/opinions on their techniques? Sound odd or familiar?

Thanks in advance.
Posted on 12/27/12, 11:08 am
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Reply #11 - 12/29/12  5:51pm
" Just wanted to add quickly that I, too, get weekly IV's and it has been the only thing that has helped me in the past two years after seeing multiple specialists and trying every combination of meds possible.

I think you have to be careful anywhere you go and no matter what Dr. you are seeing, if it doesn't feel right, I agree, don't do it. But keep looking and you'll find the path that is right for you. "
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Reply #12 - 12/30/12  5:14pm
" Skinnybinny,

Thanks for those referrals. But wow, how do U know an MD way up in northen VT? And he is good? I looked up Lydonville, VT on mapquest and it is at least a 90-100 minute drive from where I live (but in so rural an area would have ZERO traffic), so not that covenient.

I also looked on your link to that society in Quincy, MA (I lived in the Boston area for 14 years so know eastern, MA very well) but could only find where they wanted us, the pateints, to fill out forms to recommend MDS that specialize in CFS and Fibro. I will go back and take a more indepth look and see if they list/recommend any MDs in my area of NH.

If I could afford it, I would back to my favorite state of CT where MDs are plentiful and I would prefer to live but that is unrealistic financially. So, I am now a "prisoner" of the state of NH for financial reasons (it's so cheap to live up here).

Thanks for the references. "
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Reply #13 - 12/30/12  5:18pm
" Wish,

Glads you found something that helps you. It seems others also swaer by those IVs. Might have to try at least once and see how it feels.

I agree about being careful about what MDs we see and that it is also a crap shoot about what meds, vitamins, nutrients, therapies, etc will work for each of us. "
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Reply #14 - 01/01/13  2:10am
" The only thing I can say about it is to be careful and research this clinic, or hospital. It never hurts. "
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Reply #15 - 01/02/13  7:50pm
" Haha! I know, I probably sound like a broken record, but when you find something that is working you want to shout it from the rooftops : )

I hope you find the medical attention you deserve to get well! I'm rooting for you. "
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Reply #16 - 01/03/13  1:58pm
" I have one small word of defense for the methodolody you might have seen. While it's very possible they were just out to rip you off, there's also a lot of literature out there that discounts the results of tests that you had, for 2 reasons.

1: the "normal" range for most tests is a huge range. it's really only helpful for people who are in the most extreme ranges of it, and most people have slight deficiencies in many areas, none of which would show up unless they were major.

2. these tests tell you what's normal for OTHER people's bodies. like I said before, it's helpful in finding the worse-case scenarios, but it doesn't tell you where your body is relative to its own set-point.

So based on these I've read literature from many doctors who treat first, then adjust treatment based on what created tangible results rather than based on what affects your test scores. Bottom line, it IS sketchy behavior for them to act this way if they didn't explain all of that to you at the time. But you never know. "
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Reply #17 - 01/03/13  3:47pm
" Gramybear,

Thanks for your reply. I looked up the MD and the Wellness clinic after I went (better late than never). As I already wrote somewhere, it only had two reviews and 1 was negative and 1 was postive. not much to go on.


Thanks for your input. Still have not gotten blood test results but maybe they are holding them until my next appt in late Jan. Stilll supposed to get CT scans on chest and nasal areas (all last 3 MDs agree with that as my lungs and nose have been very congested for over 4 yrs now and mucinex is thwe only thing keeping me breathing right now).

That is interesting about normal "ranges" that we may or may not fall into when it comes to blood tests.


Thanks for all your replies and nice to know someone is rooting" for me!

One thing I am kicking myself for not asking for, is a bloood test for toxins as I read sometime ago that some people with Fibro and/or CFS can have been exposed to either everyday toxins from household products or something more serious at work. The article said for some Fibro/CFS sufferers, exposure to toxins could have been the start of their illnesses. Who knows? "

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