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Feeling "Something" In My Eye
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I had cataract surgery 3/10/10. I had a regular lense put in. For starters, the IV "feel good" meds didn't work. They said I would feel calm and I wouldn't care about pain. I felt everything that went on and didn't relax one bit. The nurse in post op told my daughter, "Tomorrow ask her a question about today and I will bet $100 she won't remember". Well, my daughter questioned me and I remembered everything. My daughter should have taken the bet!! :0)

I am having a really horrible problem with something feeling stuck in my eye. It feels like an eyelash, a piece of grit, something. I went to the doctor again on the 15th just to make sure there wasn't something wrong. He checked out my eye and under the eyelids and could find nothing. He said the eye was still a little swollen but that I was healing just fine. He said my eyes were dry and gave me some samples of Optive to use as needed. He said this feeling should go away, but he didn't have any answers as to what could be causing this feeling.

I am STILL having this feeling and it is about ready to drive me crazy. Nothing is helping and I just know that there is something there, in my eye. Has anyone else had this happen after cataract surgery? Thanks for any info from anyone.
Posted on 03/17/10, 11:44 am
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Reply #1 - 03/17/10  3:41pm
" I had cataract surgery on the 10th also.Outside of the IV stick I didn't feel any pain at all.The next day when the patch was removed I could see something in the bottom of my eye when I blinked.The doctor looked right away but saw nothing.It soon went away in less than 15 minutes and now my vision is awesome.Your's should go away in time. "
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Reply #2 - 03/18/10  11:43am
" I hope it does go is still there, a feeling of something, and eyelash, piece of fuzz, feels like a "boulder" in my eye. It has started to be painful now. My eye is bloodshot all the time and in the morning I can hardly open it until I get my meds in it and the moisturizing drops. But still that doesn't help the pain. Could it be that there was something in the eye when they placed the new lens in? "
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Reply #3 - 08/27/10  12:34am
" I have cataracts and gloucoma but no surgery yet even though I have lost part of the optic nerve. Guessing, but often there are dissolving "stitches" holding the lens or lens support, depending on the type used. you may be feeling either of those. Notice I said may, I'm not up on state of the art so what I suggest may be history. if they still use the spring support, your eye should "encapsule" the item pretty soon whatever it is and as long as your vision is not affected, this too should pass into history. Good luck "
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Reply #4 - 08/27/10  12:41am
" If you had an IV drip not an IV push (from a hypodermic) you may have had a bad IV intubation, that might produce the effect you describe, you would have had an "infiltrate" where the IV fluids which were intended to go into a vein instead went under your skin (subcutaniously) and may have not worked at all. Did you have a large bruise at the IV site, not diagnostic (may not prove anything) but often when you have on infiltrate you alsh have a hemotoma (bruise) "
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Reply #5 - 12/11/10  11:42pm
" Please tell me how you are now doing because I have experienced the same thing. Had cataract removed from left eye last week and felt I had no sedation whatsoever. This was laughed at by my MD. Now there is a constant feeling that something is in my left eye that is huge and blocking the lower outer third of my vision. HELP! I cannot live this way! "
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Reply #6 - 12/12/10  6:44pm
" I am sorry you are going through this. This "feeling" went away, finally, after about 2 months. I didn't see anything in my eye or have the feeling that something was blocking my site, just had the feeling of an eyelash, piece of fuzz in my eye.
I also went to the doctor three times and they told me there was nothing in my eye, gave me eye drops and that was it. It was horrible. I stopped going after that and decided I would have to live with it.

My sister-in-law had the same thing happen to her. She had this feeling for a bit longer than I did, but she was always "digging" around in her eye. That didn't help anything, but sometimes you can't help it.

I think that the problem you are having will go away. I don't know how long it will take but it will go away. Is your eye bloodshot? Mine was for quite awhile and sometimes it still gets a burning sensation and gets bloodshot once in awhile for no reason that I know of.

As far as feeling everything during the surgery, I did and I still remember every word that was spoken during my surgery and afterwards in the recovery. It is a good thing they deadened my eyeball first. I will never go back to that place again!! Hang in there. Your eye should get better soon. I actually put in some ointment type stuff in my eye (over the counter) that eased the pain and then wore a patch so I would keep my eye closed all the time. This was a hassle to do but it helped.

Keep me informed about how you are doing.
Carol "
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Reply #7 - 12/17/10  5:32am
" thanks so much for your response. its still there and not at all better. still using drops as prescribed. go back to MD today for third visit post op. hope he can tell me something good and not just blow me off. i am relunctant to have the other eye done now because i cant imagine having this feeling in both eyes. will keep you posted and thanks again for the encouragement! "
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Reply #8 - 12/17/10  5:27pm
" You are experiencing exactly what I had. I still have a spot. It is in the left corner of my eye. I also still see "something" occassionally that seems like a semi-circle shadow. It doesn't really bother me. There have been times when I kind of look around and jump because of that darn spot though, thinking it is a bug flying around me. I feel so stupid!! :0) But I have no pain or feeling as if a piece of fuzz or an eyelash is in my eye. I am a bit scared to have the other eye done. I am on a different insurance now, so maybe they will do better. Hang in there. The doctors all see to be the same, they see nothing and don't give any helpful advice or info. "
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Reply #9 - 12/19/10  3:04am
" I am so glad someone understands and no offense but has been through a similar experience. That spot is driving me insane! I cannot tell you how many times Ive been startled because I thought I saw something outside the corner of my eye. And semi-circle thing is exactly as you describe. I only wonder why no one, (professionals) can tell us why this is going on. MD visit was just as I suspected. Everything "looks fantastic". And my vision as far as clarity and up close is better. He wants to "wait" and see if it gets better. Like three months! However he wants to do the other eye in a week! No way, not until this one feels like it belongs to me. I swear, I just call it my "crazy eye" because thats the only way I can describe it. He did say he sees a shadow of some sort and says we can do laser to correct that but he would rather wait since it would affect the ease with which he could remove the lens if it comes to that in the future. I am so thankful to have talked with you. It seems there is a better place in the future with this thing based on your experience. I hope and pray I have a similar and positive outcome. Thank again, you are a blessing! "
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Reply #10 - 12/19/10  3:06am
" Oh and I wanted to say I hope you have a more positive outcome if and when you do decide to do your other eye and that insurance finds an excellent providor for you. "

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