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I tried a product called SuperCissus from Amazon where the reviews were really good. It's ingredient is calls Cissus Quadrangularis and it's a anti inflammatory from India. I thought I felt better the day after I started taking it and my hands feel a lot better now that I've taken it for about a month. Starting to get feeling back into my finger tips. I changed to a product called Core Flex which has the Cissus in it as well as Black Cherry extract, black pepper and a few other things. I bought it from . Another thing that I'm having done is trigger point massage, and it feels great. She works all the muscles in my arms and hands and really loosens things up. Sure be glad to be free of this. Tired of having stumps for hands. Can't be tested for 9 months, so it's a long wait.
Posted on 04/06/11, 02:23 am
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Reply #21 - 08/20/11  12:24am
" That's good to hear. I think my conditions are improving a bit. My hands aren't so tight and my balance seems to have improved. Maybe it's from being a bit more active. I get really tired still, and I try to go back to sleep for a couple hours after I first wake up. I've had my massage therapist concentrate on my problem areas, and she really loosens up my hands good. Been trying to do a Feldenkrais move to help my neck and back pain. I talked to a Feldenkrais instructor and she said I should go see the spine specialist so that I know exactly where my troubles were coming from. Don't know how long it will be to get an appointment, though. "
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Reply #22 - 09/18/11  4:37pm
" Thought I would let you know. My neck scan was bad enough that the specialists put me in ahead of time. They said that there is a bulging disc that's pressing on my spine from the front, and 2 arthritic bones pressing on it from the back. All this between C3 and C4. They said that if I don't have the operation that I'll be in a wheelchair with now bowel or bladder control within a year. I'm scheduled for October 3rd when they'll cut out the arthritic bone and clean away the arthritis from the pinched nerve to my arm. They'll fuse the place with titanium plates. Hopefully I'll get my leg control back and free up my arms and hands. They won't promise anything because they don't want to be libel, but I've heard from a friend who had this done, and she said that her leg control came back. Hope so. I'll let you know what happens after.

Mel "
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Reply #23 - 09/19/11  10:00am
" I EXPECT to hear it was a MAJOR SUCCESS!!!
Get back to us when you are able, and I know it will work out for you!!
Good Luck!!! "
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Reply #24 - 10/26/11  7:10pm
" Well, I'm finally home from the hospital and thought I should fill you in. I was operated on on Oct 7th. They chipped the arthritic bone away and cleared it away from the nerve running out the side. Then they fused C3 and C4 together with some titanium plates. I woke up from the operation and I could feel my hands were freer than they'd been and my left arm seemed to be looser as well. The doctor was very pleased because he hadn't expected any improvements for 3 months. Well, I sat there for three days, but my wound kept seeping, so they figured I had an infection. They cut it all open, flushed it out, trimmed out the infected flesh, and stitched it back together. The pain after the second time, was just about unbearable and I hit a real low with it, but managed to pull out. Now I had to take intravenous for 6 weeks to keep infection away, and they got me a neck brace. Still had to sit in Calgary in the hospital while they watched me until the Saturday before last. Then they shipped me to my local hospital in an ambulance. Ambulances ride like lumber wagons, and I thought it would kill me, but the attendant gave me laughing gas for the last 40 miles, and I didn't have a care in the world after that. Anyway, the idea was to go to my local hospital, get a portable pump and medicine, then go home and do my own intravenous. The Home Care came around and told me that the medicine to do this would cost me $3400, so I told them I couldn't afford it. Well, they told me that if I wanted I could stay in the hospital and get my intravenous for free. Only thing is that it would be for 5 more weeks. They would give me day passes so I could go home and then come back in the evening, but then I had to arrange for rides. Finally, they figured that keeping me in the hospital was costing them $500 a day, so they decided to buy me my medicine and let me go home. I was fitted with a pump yesterday, slept at home last night, and they came out to teach me how to change my medicine bag today. Very nice and handy now. I'll get my stitches out this Friday, and have to wait till the end of November before I can drive or do very much. My walking is improved a lot and my legs respond to orders a lot better. I'm pretty sure my carpal tunnel will disappear after a few massage sessions. I still have a funny sensation in my left arm, but I'm thinking it must be from the staph infection I got last December. Not sure what to think of it, but if it's still infection, then 6 weeks of antibiotic intravenous should take care of it. I guess I can call the operation a success even though what was supposed to be a 3 day ordeal turned into an 18 day ordeal, and i have all this intravenous stuff to contend with. Darn glad I've gotten it done, and super glad they're not going to cut into it again. "
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Reply #25 - 10/29/11  9:34pm
" Thank God you live in Canada!!! It would cost millions in the US!!!
Seriously, glad to hear it went well, and I wish you a quick recovery. At least you can catch some NHL games while you rehab. They probably don't want to cut you again, as it sounded like you needed someone with advanced surgical techniques. At my VA clinic, they would not attempt anything like that. They would just give me a bottle of pain killers and tell me to come back when I need more. Keep up your outlook, and I'll bet you will be up in no time at all, even if it is to adjust the thermostat!!! "
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Reply #26 - 12/07/11  4:10am
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