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Fired Unjustifiably
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In September 2001, one week following the terrorist attacks, I was fired from my job at Aradiant Corporation in San Diego, California.

I had refused to allow a stranger to enter the employee entrance of the building where I worked, and I told him he would have to enter through the receptionist's area at the front of the building. The next day when I returned to work, not knowing that I had been fired, I was met by three Mexican citizens who worked for the company and told to leave the premises. I later received a letter in the mail from the company stating that they had a zero tolerance for violence. Yet I did not touch the man who attempted to enter the building, did not threaten him or swear at him or mistreat him in any way. I simply closed the door without letting him in because I felt he was a potential security risk to myself and other employees. Again, I did tell him he should enter by the receptionist area at the front of the building.

I now suspect this was just an excuse to get rid of one the few white Americans still working for the company. The company had become nearly all Mexican citizens gradually over the time I worked there, except for the company executives, who were mostly white and who worked in the upper floors of the building. White Americans had been disappearing from the company, but I did not have the foresight to understand what was happening or I would have left as well. Spanish had become the language of the workplace, and many of the employees had tiny Mexican flags on poles in their cubicles. Perhaps I should have sued the company, but I am not the suing type.

Because I was suffering from severe depression, I went on disability and have not worked since my September 2001 firing. It has been over ten years, and I want to return to working. I am still embarrassed and humiliated over having been fired, and the only thing I can think of to do is to leave the job off my resume and off job applications and just say I did not work during the period I was employed by Aradiant Corporation. Does this seem reasonable?
Posted on 03/08/13, 11:11 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/12/13  1:08am
" no I would still put it on resume if you were employed a length of time that shows some work stability in jobs....even do not need to say why you left on resume....

my problem is bunch of short term jobs...over several years I have held like 10 positions...maybe 4yrs....that sucks on resume...what I do is fill it in with my self employment since 2008 which shows entrepreneurial skills and steady work history even though it was very part time and needed to be filled in with extra jobs either part time or full time just to get by....

but it depends on how long you were employed there...what type of work it is in what type of work you want to do now...sounded like you might have been security guard or something there....if you want to show skills in security work and were there two years or more show that job and the skills you used and say nothing of why you left until they ask and if asked tell you were not give details of that...just terminated.... "
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Reply #2 - 03/12/13  12:47pm
" Jobs don't report why a person left a company due to the potential that you could sue them. Generally, it's best to leave it on a resume and come up with a reason you left the company. There are suggestions on line. Just enter in your search engine 'what to say if you were fired'. There are suggestions out there. I just can't remember them, but I do know that I read that you should never lay the blame on the company. In your case, telling a potential employer that you believe it was racism could lead them to believe that you would sue them in future. "
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Reply #3 - 03/12/13  7:44pm
" I agree with the others, I would still put it on my resume, there is your side of the story as well. "
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Reply #4 - 03/13/13  2:04pm
" Thank you, Billwfriend, Truhal, and Prohealthycoach. I will take your advice. "
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Reply #5 - 03/17/13  4:49pm
" What is really important is what have you been doing the past few years, more specifically the past five years. Have you taken any classes or done any volunteer work? Have you worked for yourself? If you worked somewhere twelve years ago there is a possibility that no one there knows you. If you have not done any of those things then you might want to consider doing something to build up some kind of credible references such as self employment or volunteer work.

Being fired is always humiliating and a blow to one's ego. It leaves a person trying to explain why they are not employed and trying to put a positive spin on it. "
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Reply #6 - 04/17/13  11:37pm
" I was fired unjustly too. It was a BS reason when in reality they replaced me with cheap labor, a student. I just made up a reason and was hired without prob. I said that job qualifications changed and license was needed. How abt job qualifications changed no longer qualified for position (semittrue since u werent a foreigner :)) . Since it was so long I dont think they care. If the company no loner exists just put down company closed. Or company decided to hire private contractors. Best of luck. My dad worked security for many years he was fired bc of a similar situation. Just telling someone to not enter through side door. "

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