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Career Changes Information

This community is dedicated to the difficult challenges of transitioning from one career or job to a new career in a different field. Especially as we grow older, it can be very difficult to acquire the skills and relationships and take the financial risk to make the transition to another career.

A worker may devote 10-20 years of his/her life to one career and then switch to a related career or an entirely new one. As life-expectancy increases, as retirement benefits decrease, and as educational opportunities expand - workers may increasingly find themselves forced to fulfill the goals of one career and then adopt another. Some view this as an opportunity to expand meaning and purpose into later life, while others see this trend as an unfortunate economic and social reality.

Health Blogs

Boost your wellbeing with Sharecare's latest health tips:
  1. From cubicle clutter to sweating the small stuff, some work habits can wreak havoc on your health. Find out which ones to avoid, plus learn ways to work smarter. ... Read More »
More than half of people who get jobs do it through personal connection (not necessarily friends, but acquaintances as well). Don't think you have too many connections? Wrong. The theory of six degrees of separation is really true. You're not networking to use people, but to create a network of people who can support you - some may support you ... Read More »
Maintaining a family and a career is no easy task. Over time employers have begun to catch on to the fact that if they want to keep their employees happy, and keep them at all, they need to offer flexible work conditions that respect family priorities. Many workplaces have begun to do this and, as the pendulum starts to swing, there are some that ... Read More »

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