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Did anyone find a chat room?
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I was reading some of the messages from back last year. Did anyone find a good chat room? I was on one once then I couldn't find my way back there again. Then it seemed the chats were programed. So I gave up...then I found DS.
Do you all have any new info on this subject?
Also do any of you ever feel you can't get enough done? Seems like everyone is moving so fast and I'm like the slow. Kind of depressing. I should be proud of what I can do, but I sure wish I could do what I used to do!
Sometimes it is hard to keep the good spirits up.
Thanks for being here.
Posted on 07/15/08, 05:40 pm
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Reply #1 - 07/15/08  7:05pm
" I have a great chat room on my own message board site "Up North Simple Living". If you'd like to try it go to: http://upnorthminnesotasimpleliving...

Susie "
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Reply #2 - 07/15/08  7:29pm
" Thanks Susie I wiil give it a try. Can you tell me more about it?
Carol "
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Reply #3 - 07/15/08  7:38pm
" Hi's on my message board. It's a pretty good one, lots of bells and whistles. My message board is just about simple living. It's pretty new, not a lot of members yet and I've been kinda pre-occupied with the hospital and surgery thing. But I've been there lately.

Come visit...maybe you'll like it.

Susie "

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