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choking lump in throat
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the "throat lump" is getting worse.
i feel like i have flem i need to cough up, but it won't go up or down.
lately it is so bad i get choking until i throw up sometimes.
at night when i lay down it is really annoying.
i started spiriva a couple of months ago & i love the fact my restingO2 seems so much better.
but reading up on spiriva "choking" and swollen sinus' (another thing i have had but just thought it was because i WAS sick---no longer sick).
has anyone else had these symptoms with spiriva?
did you have to stop spiriva due to it?
i am allergic to steroids so spiriva is about the only long acting inhaler i can use.
would appreciate any feedback on this.

p.s. i'm asking a few questions because i go to dr for checkup on friday so i'm trying to get info & ''my list" of items to discuss ready
Posted on 01/15/13, 02:47 pm
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Reply #11 - 01/18/13  2:06pm
" If it's not Spiriva, have you thought about having your Thyroid checked. I have to watch and let the Dr know if I am having trouble swallowing. Just a thought…. "
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Reply #12 - 01/18/13  7:44pm
" thyroid checked & okay.
i do have acid reflux so that could be adding to it
i went to dr today and we decided that "the benefits of spiriva outweigh any "lump" at this time."
so i am going to stick with it.
the HONEY however was another matter & i am stopping that.
other than my regular symptoms i got a good health report YAY!
no sign of infections and lungs are working as good as they can :)
now to just get through this winter cold air.
he did say to stay inside & not breath icy air if i can.
ty all~~~ what a great group!~!!! "
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Reply #13 - 01/19/13  12:58am
" I'm on the same band wagon as Anna. I had that lump in my throat and could hardly swallow anything. Scared me. It them progressed to a severe pain in my right side and started having blood in my stools. I was diagnosed with GERD, acid reflux/ulcer. Prior to that I had never had a stomach problem before in my life. They started me on a medication for it and I got almost immediate relief. I still take the medication but watch my diet and really have no problem with it at all. They said that was common to people with COPD, the medications we take messes with our throat linings. "

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