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Does Advair really help a lot?
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I have moderate COPD and have recovered, mostly, from bilateral Pulmonary Emboli that took forever to dissolve. The issue now is taking Advair. Two Drs push it strongly but I don't feel it helps very much at all
and, since it is a steroid, it makes my BP rise and my blood sugar become elevated - I am pre diabetic too.

The thought of getting thrush is not appealing and I do rinse after inhaling but I just wonder if it is all really worth it? Would love to hear of other's experiences with it.
Posted on 08/12/12, 01:35 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for COPD & Emphysema. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 08/12/12  1:49pm
" If the advair helps you breathe (makes it easier or raises your O2 by a point or so), then it would be a good idea to use it. I don't, as I have little to no asthmatic component to my COPD. Plus it gives me the shakes and muscle spasms. No fun. So no advair.
Taking an active role in my health care has stopped a lot of experimentation. If it does something, we use it. If they can't prove positively (in black and white) that it will do some good, I don't do it. There are too many side efffects associated with these drugs to risk other aspects of my health...

Dennis "
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Reply #2 - 08/12/12  3:40pm
" Thank you Dennis. I don't have asthma either and I feel that I am taking enough medications without adding something that doesn't seem necessary to me. I am concerned about all of the side effects as well.

Cindy "
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Reply #3 - 08/12/12  4:07pm
" Denny, what inhaler are you on? I too don't feel ANT difference with advair. -- I don't have asthma -- I have emphy "
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Reply #4 - 08/12/12  4:38pm
" Cindy,

My take on the use of Advair is different from Denny's, but that's why we are on the list. I use Advair 50/500 twice a day, I can't say I feel a direct boost/help by using it, but I suspect that using it in conjunction with the other meds I use, makes a difference. And I will take any little difference. Unlike Denny I have not had any side effects when using Advair, and until there is something better I will continue to use it. -- taje care Bill "
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Reply #5 - 08/12/12  5:34pm
" Denise -
Like you I have emphysema. I've been prescibed various inhalers similar to advair and have had the same effect. Rescue inhalers I cannot use because it feels as if I have been kicked in the chest for an hour or two. Difficult to breathe at all.
I do use a nebulizer daily (Albuterol sulfate). It appears to improve my FEV1 by about 7%, there are no nasty/disturbing side effects (other than a bit of chest tightness and hand trembling immediately after) and it keeps my pulmologist happy. I use Kenalog-40 and B12 IM every few weeks (my wife loves sticking me with needles). Kenalog is a relatively long acting corticosteroid and B12 is a supplement (and an great energy booster for us since so much of our energy is taken up just breathing).

Take care
Dennis "
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Reply #6 - 08/12/12  8:16pm
" Dennis, I have not heard of those meds before. I cant remember reading any posts about them from anyone either. Glad they work for you! Lol -- make sure you are ALWAYS nice to your wife!!! "
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Reply #7 - 08/12/12  8:18pm
" The kenalog is what I haven't heard about. Well thanks for the info "
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Reply #8 - 08/13/12  8:16am
" For me, personally, it does seem to help. But as others have said, each person is different and what helps one may not benefit another. Good luck! "
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Reply #9 - 08/13/12  8:34am
" When I went to see my doc on Aug 2 he wanted to put me back on Predisone, I almost cried.......I really have such horrible side effects from makes my symptoms worse (IMHO)..........anyway, his solution was Advair 250/ he gave me a sample.

I don't seem to have any side effects from it....and the last 2 days my o2 levels have been creeping up to low 90's a few times during the day.....this is good for me:):)

Problem is the sample pack had 14 blisters in it.............instead of doing 2 a day, I only did it once a day to spread it out longer.

Just did my last dose today:(..........We'll see what happens now.

I'm not sure if it really helped me any......but I do know the side effects weren't anything like the Prednisone:):) "
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Reply #10 - 08/13/12  8:35am
" PS..........I don't think I have asthma..................all I have ever been told (and what shows up on ER records) is COPD..............never any mention of asthma. "

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