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urge to urinate
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This is kind of a delicate subject I guess. But I've noticed that when I'm really out of breath i get this huge urge to urinate. Is this normal? Also, does anyone sometimes feel that they may be hyperventilating?
Posted on 04/14/12, 01:18 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for COPD & Emphysema. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 04/20/12  10:11am
" P.S.

Meant to mention - your oxygen saturation can drop while sleeping, too - if you wake up with headaches, or many times during the night short of breath, this may be the cause and you may need oxygen then. Not always do you need oxygen 24/7 - some just need it at night or when they are doing something strenuous. (I am one). "
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Reply #12 - 04/20/12  3:15pm
" Thank you jamsnjazzy and birdlady for your advice and support.I am absolutely shocked honestly, I didn't realize how clueless I was about this disease until it got so bad that it is my life. And I am not getting any help from the pulmonologists I have been seeing every 6 months. It's like he ignores me, won't explain much at all and all he has done is, they use the oxygen level devise on my finger, to check the level, usually do the test where you blow in the devise and it measures it. And once 6 moths ago he had me walk down the hall and back with the nurse and I think measure lung capacity at rest and after I walked down the hall, and oxygen levels. Nothing else no MRI, none of the tests you mentioned, I have never even heard of it. Although I did go to a cardiologist even went as far as to have a catherization. I could not do the physical stress test because I couldn't breathe. The cardiologist couldn't find anything wrong or blocked in my arteries,and said that he thought I may have congestive heart failure. I didn't go back to him because of being overwhelmed, I need to, just to get his report. You know I think I will try to find anyone else, this pulmonologist after telling the pharm rep that I am very sick, in front of me, told me to continue the meds I am on, spiriva, Advair, albuterol & Ipratropium via nebulizer and rescue inhaler, and walk. He gave me a tip to use a fan may trick my brain into thinking I am getting more oxygen and that heat can make you feel like you are not getting enough? He said I will never get better, glad I quit smoking (so am I and I had no choice, it was die or live) said to come back in 6 months. I told him I had coughed up thick green mucus, he said I have a little bit of inflammation but that he wouldn't jump in and give me antibiotics. He asked me about my sinuses and I told him, I have constant problems with sinus congestion, post nasal drip etc, infections, and problems with my teeth. I need to go to a dentist but have no insurance or extra money to pay at the sliding scale ghetto dentists they have here who are horrible. I live in Olympia WA, if need be I can go to Seattle Tacoma area, to look for a specialist, there is no one here other than a bad incompetent pulmonologist, as bad as this guy. There are only 2 in this area, covering a very large area who will take medicare and medicaid. I appreciate any information and feedback and support I am in dire circumstances and have been for months. I cannot function normally at all, I struggle to barely make a meal or wash clothes dishes, going grocery shopping is a major event and wears me out. I spend a lot of time in bed, sitting, I am 57years old, single, grown children who cannot help me financially,don't help me emotionally, I think it's because they are in denial or cannot handle the reality so ignore me. I have been very hopeless preparing for death, angry sad, reflecting on my life, and I keep feeling, shame regret and question if this is all there is, it's over at 57. I want hope, I want to be able to breath and function. I would like to be able to vacuum the carpets mop the floor cook a meal from scratch without loosing my breath being unable to breathe etc. I have other health issues, arthritis, I have had to have a fusion on my neck with tow disc, and was suppose to have one on my lower back, it's really messed up but I can't do that with the state of my lungs. It's been almost a year , like 9 months of these sever breathing problems and no one is helping me, not my specialist or my physician. I didn't even know that some of this was from the COPD! Oh ya the specialist gave me this advice two times, that I am the "Turtle" now not the hare, and I must go very slow, that helps me as much as laying down and dieing helps. I told my regular MD that I had no confidence in this other MD, he acted like I was just being emotional. But I had nothing to compare my experience with, no clue and sights like Mayo do not give much helpful information, nor do many sights, they tell you to quit smoking but not how to breathe! When I first was diagnosed I went on the one sight COPD board, but I was not even half as sick as I am now and I just didn't learn much, I didn't have the severe problems the people on the board seemed to have. I didn't get much at all from it. What's amazing is that I am not a helpless clinging vine person nor am I mentally lazy, unable to read and study. I don't know why it's been so hard for me to understand face and get information about my own health this disease and so on. The only thing I can come up with at the moment is pure fear and denial. Well I can't deny this anymore the only thing left to fear is a horrible suffocating death, which I will avoid if I can at all! It doesn't help that I have isolated myself, because I am not the person I use to be,I can barely pay my bills I have no extra money to barely pay for gas yet do something with others, buy presents etc. By nature, I have never been a social butterfly, preferring a small group of friends and feel comfortable being by myself most of the time. But need help, support, my own family doesn't care, my kids act like I am just being negative if I try to tell them, how desperate I feel, I don't think they can handle me being sick needy and desperate,because I have always been strong, holding everything together working ans so on. A counselor will not give me enough money to pay my bills a competent doctor, or the ongoing support I really need with a chronic disease. Anyone put in this situation would feel down and out, because it is a bad situation and what I am feeling is a reaction to it. Hopefully with people who can educate me, share their experience, I will be able to get the tools I need to help myself. We all need someone, support, a hand once in a while, thank you so much for yours.(Much sincerity and tears, Sandy, AKA Volma) "
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Reply #13 - 04/20/12  3:24pm
" Great advice. Jams is right about the oxygen. An oximeter will give you a lot of information about your oxygen levels. I had severe emphy for several years before my oxygen levels started dropping enough for me to require oxygen. Then I only required 02 while doing heavy activities and exercise. Now I am on it more often as my disease continues to progress. Just because you have severe emphysema does not mean you require oxygen, testing determines that. "
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Reply #14 - 04/20/12  3:27pm
" They even have a little box that you can take home to read your oxygen levels while you sleep. That recordse how far your levels drop while asleep. "
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Reply #15 - 04/20/12  4:06pm
" Usually if I am inactive, sitting laying, not walking far climbing stairs etc. I am ok, but if I try to exert myself with much of anything, lifting pushing pulling or even pulling weeds once, I cannot breathe! I told the Pul Dr this, he said nothing. The only oxy tests I do have are when I am not in distress and am sedentary for the most part, or have a frequent infection, sinus teeth lungs. I rarely if ever get fevers, and have a tendency towards low blood pressure unless I am in dire pain and then it gets high but not extremely high. I'm going to try somehow to get the oxymeter, they don't seem to be that expensive but it's all relative to how much extra after all bills are paid one has. "
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Reply #16 - 04/20/12  9:23pm
" I heard u mention congested heart failure that can have the same symptoms such as sever sob u need to get that clarified they can treat u for that and it will help. I know u are overwhelmed we all are to start with and we have denial and we are depressed and feel helpless when we are really sick and cant breath. I just hope u can get some answers from ur Doctors make them answer ur questions that is their job. We will help u get through this. "
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Reply #17 - 04/20/12  9:36pm
" Just for the mention, this subject also causes similar problems for males, our plumbing systems may differ but the results are similar, the strain of trying to hang on is a nightmare sometimes. "
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Reply #18 - 04/20/12  10:48pm
" Dear Volmo:

First off, I hope you can get yourself in a better frame of mind. You are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Most of us, if not all, of us have restrictive breathing. We, too, get short of breath at the most simple things....things we once did without a second thought now require planning and even rest periods to get them done.

It's like, okay, I can't climb that mountain any more, but I can still walk around the bottom and take beautiful photos.

Your doctor is right in that it's not going to get cured. However, one can halt its progression and live a long and fruitful life. A great deal of it is the attitude you bring to this disease - and that is what it is - a life long disease. So, I'd suggest instead of fighting it, try your best to accept it, do what you can to better your life and yourself and get on with it. It's no barrel of fun, but then, think if you had a brain tumor? Would that be better?

The meds you have been given are pretty common for COPD. I, too, take Spriva and Albuterol. I take Symbicort instead of Advair, though, but that is just a personal choice. Most use nebulizers for excerbations - some use them as a matter of course. Some of us have CPAPS now, some do not. Your heart can be affected...usually it's congestive heart failure - which does not mean you are going to die tomorrow, but that your heart is enlarged and working harder because of the COPD. Your heart and lungs are all inter-related and what affects one will affect the other.

Medicare will not cover a oximeter as far as I know, but you can find one fairly inexpensively on Amazon or Ebay. It would be good for you to have. You said your doctor had you do the six minute walk....did you pay attention to what your readings were? Perhaps your saturation did not fall below 88, thus not warranting oxygen.

Ask him if he will prescribe an at home sleep study for you to see if your oxygen levels fall while you are sleeping or if you have apnea. Sometimes with doctors you have to get assertive, but not aggressive... :o)

He's right about the heat and humidity...lots of us have trouble breathing then, just as many have problems with the cold air. Some have trouble with both, but then we're not all cut from the same cookie cutter. It just seems to come with the territory. I have also heard about the fan trick, but haven't tried it.

As for your sinus congestions...have you tried a Neti Pot? Another member here once suggested that to me, and it's worked wonders. You can find one a any drug store or online. Now I use one regularly - helps keep the sinuses clear and I breath much no more sinus infections.

And keep reading the posts...there's a wealth of common sense, down to earth information here that will help you.

So, all in all, I'd say, "Yes, you have COPD". And "No, it's no fun", but then again, lots of things in life aren't any's how we deal with what we're given that helps us most in the long run. Acceptance is a big key in that, and given time I hope you, too, will find acceptance of this disease and know that life can, indeed, be very, very good!


Joni "
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Reply #19 - 04/20/12  10:49pm
" Oh! Got a little gabby there...oh well, it was for a good cause! :O) "
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Reply #20 - 04/20/12  11:06pm
" Good post jams, like many here you are an inspiration. "

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