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urge to urinate
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This is kind of a delicate subject I guess. But I've noticed that when I'm really out of breath i get this huge urge to urinate. Is this normal? Also, does anyone sometimes feel that they may be hyperventilating?
Posted on 04/14/12, 01:18 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/14/12  1:48pm
" Yes, this is normal. Talk to your Dr. about it. It happens when you're really SOB & it's a natural response to that. Are you on O2? "
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Reply #2 - 04/14/12  1:59pm
" Yes I get that urge, then I cough and Thank God for poise. "
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Reply #3 - 04/14/12  2:28pm
" I have it, too, but unfortunately with me it's both urinary and fecal. I don't have as a rule stress incontinence- I don't really have problems with coughing or laughing, but just specifically with the shortness of breath that accompanies exertion. I've noticed it also seems to go both ways because if I've dawdled and absolutely positively need to get to the bathroom now (you know- the famous, let me just get this done first and then I'll go), I notice that it increases my shortness of breath. "
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Reply #4 - 04/14/12  2:39pm
" Yes, I'm on CO2, don't have stress incontinence either, Have had a couple times with fecal, when I'm out of breath, but didn't figure that was it. was more like loose bowels. Haven't mentioned this to my doc because he's not very easy to talk to. "
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Reply #5 - 04/14/12  3:42pm
" Glad to know other people with copd have this problem... "
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Reply #6 - 04/14/12  3:44pm
" Yep. Me, too. Especially when I'm short of breath. In fact, for me if it lingers, usually it's a sign I'm headed for an exacerbation. Kind of a warning signal. "
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Reply #7 - 04/14/12  9:09pm
" Me Three.... I always thought it was because of a high heart rate that I get when short of breath. Also someone gave me advice here a couple years ago to get rid of bad air in your lungs and blood Breathe in (singing amazing grace in your mind) then breathe out ( how sweet the sound) . That is supposed to be the right timing for getting out the bad. Seems to work for me very calming. Whoever gave me that advice is a genious. Thank you! "
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Reply #8 - 04/20/12  12:16am
" I know I have come to the right place, I have been diagnosed with COPD, for years, the past year it has become really nasty. My specialist has not given me any real information, except to quit smoking which I have most recently done, since November 2011 because of the worst exacerbation event I have ever had. No one told me what it was, the ER doc said a mucus plug maybe? Oh and today my doctor told a pharmacy sales person who I gave permission to sit in on the exam that I have severe emphysema, he didn't say it to me he said it to her! Only 2 specialists in the area that take my insurance and they are the same. Less than an hour on this site and I have answers to two major questions. The incontinence with me is really bad if I can't make it to a toilet, I gush while having sever SOB. I am not on Oxygen, at what point do they decide, he said I have sever E but didn't discuss anything else. Every time I go to him, I leave devastated or angry. Today it was much shame regret for what I have done to my life by smoking and helplessness. Much crying, but I think it will help me to read and listen to others in the same boat. I might cope better and step out of the helplessness, shame, and self pity! "
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Reply #9 - 04/20/12  7:26am
" Oh Volma bless ur heart. That Doc is crazy if u have severe emph u need to be on 02 if it is that bad. Go to him and ask him why he has not put u on 02 make him tell u ur pulmonary numbers and explain them to u not a student. What medicines did they put u on? If he gave u inhalers they should be helping some but more than likely u need o2. Is he a lung specialist if not make sure u go to one right away so u can start feeling better. I am on 02 24/7 for 7 yrs and I just dont feel like I would still be alive if not for the 02.Let us know. Lots of information and very nice members to help u here at DS.
Yes I do have the incontience when I get very sob from activity that is why when I go shopping I nearly always use a elec buggy or my elec scooter. I think it is a normal responce to ur body taking all the 02 from ur bowels and bladder to go to help u catch ur breath then when ur ok u lose that urgency. At least that is the way it is with me. "
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Reply #10 - 04/20/12  10:08am
" Volmo:

Have you had Pulmonary Function Tests? An Arterial Blood Gas drawn? A CT scan? A six minute walk? These are some of the tools needed for a diagnosis of COPD and your need for oxygen. As a patient you are entitled to have copies of these tests. I would get them and review them. If you have not had them, I'd sure look into finding another doctor.

Do you have a pulse oximeter? If not, it would be wise to purchase one. If you have Medicare the criteria for them to pay for oxygen is your oxygen level drops below 88. A pulse ox can tell you this - watch it while you are up and about, and doing more strenuous activity too, not just at rest.

Mostly though, from what you've said, I'd sure be looking for another doctor. if at all possible.

Best to you,

Joni "

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