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Well, it's finally happening. I had my first chemo treatment on March 4th. It is now March 18th. I know this sounds silly, but every few days I would kinda gently pull on my hair to make sure it was still there. This morning I reached up to straighten out a tangle and my hands came up with two good sized chunks of hair. I knew this was coming, but it was still hard to see so much hair coming off my head. I cried a bit, but now I have to figure out what to do. I'm thinking of shaving it off.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips on wigs, scarves, etc.

I totally can't picture myself bald yet...wow!
Posted on 03/16/13, 08:54 pm
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Reply #11 - 09/30/13  3:43am
" My mum had terrible problems with her nails. Maybe a little late for your mum, but she was advised to paint them with the darkest polish she could find, apparently it's something to do with the light reacting with residual chemo drugs or something, even if it was a placebo (don't know either way) it seemed to help her.

But to protect her hands I would advise gloves, you can get silky/lacy ones for warmer weather. They will also protect her from picking up germs from surfaces she touches. Otherwise she may need some sort of dressing, maybe ask your pharmacist? "
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Reply #12 - 09/30/13  4:09am
" She did paint them but there still going :( ok I will tell her to have a chat to the chemist about it. I do like the glove idea that could work for her..thank you :) "
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Reply #13 - 10/16/13  6:24am
" I actually finished chemo almost 3 years ago and my hair never fully grew back. Everyone kept telling me after it fell out it would grow back thick and curly, my original hair was straight and fine.

When I was going through chemo and radiation I wore scarves, hats, cotton night caps(head got cold at night in the winter) and a wig donated but really was never comfortable with any of them especially the wig only wore it maybe 5 times.

The best thing I ever did was about 2 years ago I went to a wig shop and got fitted for a good wig witch cost a little more but it is so much more comfortable. I wear it to work and when ever I am in public and no one can tell. It's funny because I get compliments all the time about how beautiful my hair is, lol. And the best thing is I never have a bad hair day. Lol

Good luck with everything. "
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Reply #14 - 10/19/13  12:52pm
" There is a group out of NY that sends out boxes of goodies free to people undergoing chemo. It is a really bright spot during an otherwise dark time.
Here is the link
best to you "

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