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Miss Tarot is back for her Spring visit
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It seems like she comes around every Spring,
I don't know how long she'll be sticking around,
so I ask:

"how do I best deal with the anxiety of the coming few months in particular, and the coming year in general, given all the changes I have so little control over?"

Your upcoming changes are throwing you into a bit of internal upheaval, especially since you know you'll be evaluated anew, and competing with others for security. It'll be too easy to feel anxiety and stress over it all. Maybe even frustration that you can't control the situation the way you'd really like to. Your creative sparks may be burning low while your way through thorny obstacles

but get this, take the path of least resistance this one time, don't be so hard on yourself.

Besdies your work experience and your reputation, you know, dry spells dont last, and you know you're going to emerge from this difficulty with renewed energy and creativity.

"A change is as good as a holiday."

Let your friends support you, and move forward deliberately and with confidence.


anyone else?
Posted on 04/27/12, 05:44 pm
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Reply #51 - 04/30/12  11:41am
" Oh! Can I have a turn? :)

I will just trust whatever message the universe will bring to me through you..no questions asked :)

Thank you Miss Tarot! "
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Reply #52 - 04/30/12  6:39pm
" pollofrito darlin,

its in this year ahead, not the calendar year, so start countin the days today :) "
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Reply #53 - 04/30/12  6:40pm
" sadat50
and Namaste, I'll be posting shortly ;)

I havent forgotten you :) "
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Reply #54 - 04/30/12  7:45pm
" Thank you!!!! "
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Reply #55 - 04/30/12  7:50pm
" If you have time for one more?

After a long time thinking.... my question is....
If the past is really over, much to my regret, will the future hold the one thing I think I've wanted all my life?

May the cards be kind to all - you are for doing this for us...
Thank you :) "
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Reply #56 - 04/30/12  7:52pm
" whoa :)
thats a lot of exclamation marks :) "
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Reply #57 - 04/30/12  8:03pm
" sadat50,

you're living inside a bit of a tangled garden right now
which inhibits and even sabotages growth

here's what you do --

get in touch with your inner lion and subdue your nightmares
you've been spending so much time asking why your life has been so tangled up
that you've neglected asking yourself how to live it

negative self-judgment, past scarring and your inflexibility has been getting in your way of learning to really love yourself
it's time to get that fire in your heart stoked and burning
take risks
free yourself from the oppression and repression you've been smothering yourself with

strength is the power to overcome the obstacles of love
strength enough to keep an open heart even while the world seems to want to close it down

walk in peaceful companionship with others in the world
your inner lion is fearless

love your self
love the world "
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Reply #58 - 04/30/12  8:20pm
" It has been a rough five months. I am trying so hard. What is in the future? Will it ever get better? Do I need to give up?


do you mean "Do I need to give up?" as in the relationship you're in?

I drew 2 cards

regarding your future --

your soul is frustrated, very frustrated
it wants to express itself spiritually, artistically, sexually
you are taking your frustration out on those around you, but most importantlyu, on yourself
you're stuck, no movement, problem of inertia
but dont be guilt ridden or put a guilt trip on someone else

cuz, the inertia is part of a cycle
a very important cycle
a long drawn out monotonous exhuasdting cycle, but a cycle
dry periods happen
this has been one helluva long dry period
but it is not proof of your unworthiness
its about getting out of your way so things can move again

you need to cultivate your friendships, gather them around you and devote time to laughter and joy and pleasure
and you need to move forward deliberately
draw a plan
a sound one
and dedicate yourself to moving in its direction one small step everyday

you will begin to feel your empowerment
you will begin to see you are worthy
as worthy as your daughter
as worthy as any grandchildren she may bring into the world

and difficulties pass, if you let them

as for "giving up" :
(wow, synchronicity, its also about cycles -- there must be something to this)
the universe, it expands, contracts, expands, contracts
you've been contracted for a long time now
but the same energy and force as the universe, also resides in you
and you are entering the part of the cycle now, where you will expand
rise up ouit of yourself !
expand ! breathe deeply and fully, raise your arms and face to the sun
feel how the wiorld is waiting for you to step out into it
all the feelings you have of being disconnected from the world and from life, because you are disconnected from a potential romantic partner is an illusion
no matter what hapopens or doesnt happen with a man, you are a valuable spirit of the universe, as valuable now as you were at birth

there is nothing greater for you than this life
YOUR life

live it

(that sounds to me like, letting go of this guy, and not worrying about another until you step into your life, into your environment, into the universe thats waiting for you) "
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Reply #59 - 04/30/12  8:29pm
" Thank you Joy... that made me feel real good about the unsure parts of my life... let them go and deal with what I know. Forever Home! "
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Reply #60 - 04/30/12  8:38pm
" ((((DMM)))) "

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