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New here, needing support 
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Recently Broken Up 
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Hate Fridays! Used to love them... 
3 By sheemee
Do NOT contact. 
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A little pick me up! 
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The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Di... 
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Why can't i cry 
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Songs for your Exes... 
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I wish I were stronger 
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So Damn sad. 
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One year later 
11 By BabyMonkey
Emotions taking me over 
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When he said... 
5 By SadNLonly
I'm a witch! 
6 By LiannaMeZ
Another test…No contact again! 
5 By despota9

Breakups & Divorce Information

  • Divorce is the termination of a marriage in which both spouses are still living. In the United States, there are two types of divorce: "no fault" and "at-fault." Under the former, the spouse who initiates the divorce does not have to show that the other did anything wrong or breached any marital vows. Although a no fault divorce is available in all states, many require a waiting period. An at-fault divorce allows for an immediate ending of the marriage, but requires that one spouse prove the other was "at-fault." This usually means that the spouse inflicted emotional or physical pain, committed adultery, deserted the marriage for a certain period, or was sent to prison. Of these, the first reason (cruelty) is the most common grounds for an at-fault divorce, with adultery being second. Tension with extended family is the third most common motivation for divorce, although this is not legal grounds for an at-fault divorce...
  • How to Recover from Divorce or a Breakup

    According to DailyStrength members, two factors are most helpful in recovering from divorce or a breakup: support groups and support from family and friends. They also cite psychotherapy, talking, reading, and music as very helpful activities in starting over.

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Health Blogs

So in my previous 3 articles regarding children and divorce, I first discussed how to share the news of a divorce with your children. I then highlighted some of the ... Read More »
In this next article about children in divorcing families, I now turn to some tips for parents to help their children adjust to this life-impacting event. But before presenting this list, I do want to remind parents of one very important characteristic that should always be at the core of every parent; regardless of whether a divorce is looming or ... Read More »
In this second article about the impact of divorce on children, I’d like to spend some time discussing some of the clinical findings one might see in children when their parents are divorcing. Although I’ll often say children are quite resilient, divorce is heavy and some children may display their emotions in ways not similar to adults. So ... Read More »

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