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In Category: Fun & Games
What Animal Describes the OM/OW your spouse select
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Saw a similar thread, but changing it to your chance to get back at the OM or OW that your significant other went after! lol

Now our turn to describe them!

The OW definitely reminds me of a barracuda, sneakily swimming below the surface, until she could spy a man, and quickly take a chunk out of him! She probably is going after his ass, cuz she's an ass, lol!
Posted on 10/14/11, 03:27 pm
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Reply #21 - 08/22/12  10:22pm
" vulture he stalks his pray till they got nothing left then picks them clean and leaves to find the next "
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Reply #22 - 08/27/12  1:50am
" The best description is one used by a mutual friend.

She left me for a toad.

He looks like one, and is one. Someday I hope she'll see she could have had a lot better. But, work romances... Someday he may leave her for another. Who knows... But, she sold herself short, and I suspect that someday she'll regret it. "
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Reply #23 - 09/18/12  9:08pm
" Not real sure what she looks like...um may need some help on this one. She has the ugliest biggest mouth, literally from ear to ear and huge lips. Idk, she is ugly though. I asked him why couldn't he at least honor my legacy with someone pretty? "
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Reply #24 - 07/01/13  2:17am
" A she man.I swear she looks like a dude "
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Reply #25 - 07/14/13  11:17am
" A stick-insect with a thin "douchebag beard" that looks like he's going through chemotherapy, Also, he's also married, so that just adds to his charm. Hell with both of them. They deserve eachother. "

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