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post concussion syndrome?
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This is weird, and maybe my imagination, but I have been reading alot on here abt this, and I feel more and more like I may have this mySELF. I was in a long abusive relationship/marriage and cant count the times he held me down and banged my head on the floor. And one of the times he knocked my feet out from under me and I flew back hitting the back of my head on a lightly carpeted concrete floor. I had a MASSIVE headache for 2 wks and even the drugstore noticed I was coming in for 3 bottles of excedrin and I told them I hit my head and couldnt get rid of the headache, had upset stomach and some blurry vision. I didnt tell them HOW I hit it cuz of embarressment and "protecting" my husband (how stupid)....anyway they said I should go to the ER but i never did. Ive always had ADD, but over the past abt 8 yrs it has grown worse, and my memory is awful. I am always being told by my kids "you told me this already" and I misplace things constantly and and forget what Im saying mid-sentence. In the past 6 mo I even do things I have no recollection of. Last week I could not recall AT ALL (and still cant) withdrawing money from the bank, writing a money order for rent, and sending it. The only way I was pretty sure I did it was cuz the stub from the money order was in my purse. Im always writing down everything and have done great organizing everything needed for Dannys treatment, but I know I was already used to compensating and learning skills to deal with my ADD. This past thing with the rent really spooked me tho. It was like a blackout when you are drunk, cuz I still cant remember it at all. My best friend said maybe its just cuz Im doing soooo much that my brain is overloaded and Im on autopilot....but im not so sure....
Posted on 04/12/11, 02:47 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/12/11  3:39pm
" I don't know either and I think the only way to find out would be to talk to adoctor. Maybe when visiting somewhere with Danny you could ask them if they could give you any info or if there is anything that can be done any treatment. "
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Reply #2 - 04/12/11  3:43pm
" Ya I'd have to agree, go see a neuro, can't hurt, they'll probably order an MRI like they did for me. Keep us posted tho. "
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Reply #3 - 04/13/11  5:45am
" Try asking for an assessment by a neuropsyhologist, this tests whether you have cognitive problems etc. and what rehab can help (i am trying to get doctor to refer me for this at the moment)
You are also under an enormous amount of stress at the moment, and have been in the past, so easy to get overloaded. Do you have 'pamper time' for yourself? e.g. massage/spa bath/classical music followed by a glass of wine and a good book. Not a cure-all but sure takes your mind of things for a couple of hours.
Best wishes "
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Reply #4 - 04/13/11  9:27am
" Thant sounds terrible. Good thing you are away from that creep. No doubt you had a concussion, but don’t underestimate the power of stress to impair your cognitive functions. When I was first recovering it took a tole on my wife. After my recovery she needed one. "

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