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......... on the Bipolar Disorder Support Group:

June 22, 2013 ------ 14 threads

June 22, 2012 ------ 31 threads

June 22, 2011 ------ 38 threads

June 22, 2010 ------ 18 threads

June 22, 2009 ------ 42 threads

June 22, 2008 ------ 52 threads

June 22, 2007 ------ 57 threads

It doesn't go back as far as June 22, 2006
Posted on 06/23/13, 03:32 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Bipolar Disorder. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 06/23/13  6:31pm
" When I joined in 2007 it was crazy on here. I kind of appreciate the lack of drama on here now.

Of course, back then I wasn't medicated very well and often got dragged into it! Ha ha!

The slowness of the site right now is sort of a deterrent for me. "
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Reply #12 - 06/23/13  6:51pm
" 140 character tweets. i really like twitter.

i thrive in the economy of words. "
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Reply #13 - 06/23/13  7:30pm
" it's generally slow everywhere on DS.

I've done a fair amount of analysis of the DS stats. There's been a general decline since Sept 2012 but that's partly due to DS starting to remove the huge wave of spammers that hit (and are still coming in).

It's then dropped again in June as a result of the site issues -

One thing to watch is that it goes through a weekly cycle, weekends are alot quiter on DS - you may find June 22 2010 was a weekend and that's why it is different. "
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Reply #14 - 06/23/13  7:39pm
" I love raw data! I aced statistics class! "
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Reply #15 - 06/23/13  7:52pm
" Oh!!! Statistics is FUN, isn't it!!!?!?!? It's fun the way a crossword puzzle or a cryptogram or a really hard riddle is!

I looked up June 22, 2010 and it fell on a Tuesday.

I only counted up the posts, though.
Maybe if I'd read them, there would have been some obvious reason why that day just happened to be slow.

(Maybe it was a full SuperMoon!!!! LOL!!!!) "
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Reply #16 - 06/23/13  8:26pm
" Drag up the dead!! Ode to the old posts!!! LOL-not! "
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Reply #17 - 06/23/13  9:58pm
" Having looked at those old threads - it was mostly the same people writing a bunch of post, and maybe 2 or 3 - bringing it back up! LOL so, chatting in a thread is not quite the same, as "more" people....

oh, of course - just my opinion : ) "
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Reply #18 - 06/23/13  10:09pm
" Oh, I saw my own name (my other incarnation) pop up quite a few times!!!
And noticed that certain people (some still here, including me) were a lot more active than we are right now!!!

That came as no surprise to me.
I know I don't start as many posts.

(Just ones about old threads, snicker!!!!)

I'm hearing more and more often that 'forums' are a dying breed.
Whatever will I DO!?!??!

I detest Facebook and with a limit of 140 characters, Twitter doesn't even give ME enough to put up a title!!!!

I so hope I don't have to get a life!!!!! "

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