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God here goes my mom again.
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Ok so I had a steroid shot today. Within hours I was having dysphoric hypomania. The seroquel er has kicked in a bit. I have enough for a couple of weeks if pdoc doesn't get back to me.

I am NOT doing the six day oral course of steroids because the rash is much, much, MUCH better from the shot, the shot will remain in my system for a few days, and I am on three different antihistamines.

Of course my mother is flipping out. She had her sister talk to her boss (lol 6 degrees of separation here) as he is a dermatologist and he said the rash could be life threatening. He does not know me, has never met me, and hasn't seen my rash. DID I MENTION THE FUCKING RASH IS NEARLY *GONE*.

So she goes ballistic when I tell her I am not doing the orals. I had to explain bipolar to her (AGAIN, mind you it's been 12 fucking years since I was diagnosed) and when I explained that being on a six day steroid course would make me absolutely crazy, she said, "WELL DON'T DO THAT THIS TIME." Because bipolar is a character flaw I can control at all times. And I just don't because I like to make her feel like a bad mother.

Yes. Really. This is my life. If she could teleport down here and regurgitate food into my mouth like a baby bird, she would.
Posted on 03/07/13, 06:45 pm
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Reply #11 - 03/08/13  1:53pm
" I lie by omission ;). Seriously I don't mention shit I don't want my family knowing about it's none of their business.

As for the rash perhaps the dermatologist was just trying to cover his ass "just in case" it was indeed something like Stephen Johnson Syndrome or some such. Just sayin...

I DO NOT take STEROIDS UNLESS DYING AND ALREADY IN HOSPITAL. One way or another I WILL be in the hospital where prednisone especially considered. I will either be dying not able to breathe or in the psych ward with a room mate homicidal as hell. WIsh I was kidding but I am not I was indeed given a room mate while homicidal bahhhhhhhhhahahahaha "
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Reply #12 - 03/08/13  2:44pm
" LadyP... yes, I have been somewhat homicidal on it before myself. Rageful and hateful and it's awful.

I read online that it can cause this in normies! "
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Reply #13 - 03/08/13  2:57pm
" Last time I did sterids outside hospital I was also on seroquel at the time - landed in handcuffs . I will never allow seroquel in my system again and if the predisone is necessary they have to hospitalize me "
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Reply #14 - 03/08/13  10:43pm
" I'm so glad your rash is going away!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

I rarely have these kinds of problems with my mom anymore.

I've learned to lie to her at the drop of a hat, LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

There is SOOOO much she doesn't know about what's going on with me!!!!

LOL!!!! I don't need the grief I get when I go 'full disclosure'!!!!
It never helps and it almost always makes the stress of whatever is going on ten times worse!!!!!

She 'gets' at me about stuff even WITHOUT me giving her more fodder!!!! LOL!!!

I understand that they are worried about us, but too bad!!!
'Every man for himself!' is how *I* feel about it when it comes to my mom!!!

I like your mom's advice, though!!!
Next time I start going bonkers, I'm going to just not do it!!! "
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Reply #15 - 03/08/13  11:01pm
" yeah thats great advice we.ll all just .not.do it. lol. hey halter,glad your rash is gone. yes lie to your mom if you have to. sometimes it just is not worth the hassle when they will not understand and it just gets frustrating. hang in there. the antihistamines should do the rest of the job. big hug to you. "
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Reply #16 - 03/08/13  11:12pm
" Is your Mother your Dr... or part of your medical team n/r daily actiiveity emotional... support team ?
If not why r you bothering/stressing her w the smell of your farts. she really doesn't need to know what you ate by smell nor by your desciption of your farts.lol "

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