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Ok so I was at H&R block today getting my taxes done with mu husband. I had 2 w'2s. One from the power company I am on Long term disbality, my SS...the lady looks at me says oh thats a great company to work for very hard to get in blah blah. Then she comes out and asks me SO WHY ARE YOU ON DISABILTY???? WTF Are southern people just pain rude? I almost reached over the desk and punched her. Gawd some people/
Posted on 02/03/13, 06:18 pm
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Reply #11 - 02/03/13  8:51pm
" I like that Eulanspeigal, nice x "
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Reply #12 - 02/04/13  12:12am
" I like that a tax preparer would be so conscienous as to wnat somone to get the maximum refund. I was hoping there'd be a better way to ask. I was thinking of using H&R Block too. BUt I realy don't know why to trust. I know that federal med expense deductions cut off is 7.5 percent of your income(source Jackson Hewitt) (I live in florida)at the least. so it would make sence to ask some form of that kind of question. but how to phrase is could have been alot better. "

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