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maybe i'm weird, okay! om ok w/it.
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honestly, i check with you guys- and watch this channel so much.

just thought i'd share that fact, i don't know why i'm telling you because i know people will think i'm all kinds of interesting things, or not give it a thought at all..

so it doesn't matter. i'm here now. ds is somewhere i am comfortable, and i'm going to share something i think i already did with some of my friends-

let me tell you, not a lot of people were happy i shared, but...

who cares?

you can always not watch something if you choose not to, or if you feel like you don't like it or it makes you feel too uncomfortable for some reason.
Posted on 01/25/13, 09:26 am
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Reply #21 - 01/25/13  9:11pm
" I consider myself to be a bit of a freak myself and have neverconsidered myself normal and I think like this other reply said, I would not want to be normal if you paid me. I have experienced many highs and lows that no one else has and done many things, some of which I regret, but not most. We tend to be more creative and intelligent on those scales. Look at the Important people in history who have been bipolar. I am not ashamed and will tell any one who asks... "
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Reply #22 - 01/25/13  9:12pm
" To add to that..Stand up and be proud! You are more unique than most! Bipolars Unite! "
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Reply #23 - 01/25/13  9:22pm
" what's weird to me is so many of the people i've known in life that consider themselves `weird' are actually extremely `not weird', and so many people who call themselves `not weird' are friggin' weird as hell to me. "
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Reply #24 - 01/25/13  9:44pm
" ok now who's calling themselves weird here...if lionne doesn't mind this seems a perfect thread/time for others to come out...'sides it'll help validate lionne's postulation that she IN FACT is not alone.

just say'n...ya'll don't gotta do nuth'n ya don'wanna ~smiles~

I expect I need no confirmation...I am frig'n weirder than ole Weirdo hisself...think/believe I can change the world...for the better...and I am not considered to be delusional in any way...weird?...yip...I'm a middle the road/blue jeans blue kinda way. IMO

PLPlplpl "
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Reply #25 - 01/25/13  9:47pm
" weird...

PLPlplpl = thazza razza "
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Reply #26 - 01/26/13  12:43am
" Strange Brew do what's inside of you! "
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Reply #27 - 01/26/13  12:44am
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Reply #28 - 01/26/13  7:48am
" Man...I have been labeled so many labels and names, I find it quite laughable and actually am quite honored....
....In this kingdom of earth, when you are doing no one wrong nor running over others and you graduate in getting a label; I feel oh so proud!!!!!....
....Actually, as my Spiritual base of knowledge from the Spirit God above grew, so grew my labeling!!!!....And I do find this quite an honor to be landed into such a group of people who had to walk the earth....One guy in the desert building a boat.....A king dancing around wildly over the joy of some written down tablets....A whole slew of people teaching about weird occurrences and dealings no one would believe....Another guy is eating wild honey and locusts in the wild and comes out and is dipping people in water....Another comes forth healing and helping all....His crew goes out and does the same and teaches things not accepted today in the least....Then others called Early hardy followers of Jesus got spit roasted, flailed, and marked for wild banter in the arena....Then 50 million or so heretics got gutted, bodies shredded apart, roasted, stretched, and all sorts....
....And to be deemed a member of this crew today get's you labeled with the more knowledge of them one receives....
....Wait, this guy is depressed....No, he is a Grinch trying to ruin Santa day...No, he is anxiety riddled..No, he is nuts fighting against Easter Rabbiting day..No, he is crazy, No, he is bi-polar and psychotic....No, he got PTSD, No, he has bi-polar and PTSD...No, he is schizophrenic....
....I wear my unseen graduation hat proudly!!!!....
....Over a 12 year period went from depressed to schizophrenic....Same thing as starting off in kindergarten and now getting a doctorate degree!!!!....
....I am PROUD to be labeled with all those greats which the people of the earth removed from it.... "
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Reply #29 - 01/26/13  9:29am
" Weird IS ok. In fact, if this isn't something in your personal biography then something is missing. ;-) "

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