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Holiday Pet Peeve .... : )
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I do not have children, decorate or enjoy shopping this time of year - but even with me Humbug lifestyle - I have patience in line, a bit of spirt too - no idea where it comes from! lol

I can't stand - listening to people in Line (at cashier) complaining people are in line, and they are not going fast enough! LOL

There' 15 registers open, and everyone is there - I HAVE to listen to 4 to 6 different people bitching, the whole time I'm in line - wondering why can't I shop after midnight?

Any Yearly things get your goat kicking? : )
Posted on 12/06/12, 08:37 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/06/12  9:10pm
" Crazy ass drivers !

I SWEAR, the day after Thanksgiving , all the wacked out drivers come out of the wood work.

And the "normal" driver...well I think a switch goes off in their brain, by remote control, and THEY become wacked out drivers !

Yeah, people ragging on how crowed someplace is , how long the lines are ...a very close second

AND...don't ya just love those people who push up against your butt with their cart...LIKE THAT'S GOING TO MAKE THINGS GO FASTER ! "
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Reply #2 - 12/06/12  9:44pm
" The whole thing is peeving me this year. People so preoccupied with their own selfish agendas, they don't have time for simple courtesy. Rudeness abounds - on the highway, in the shops and etc., etc.

It's weighing heavy on my mind this year just how blessed we are and how some people don't have food to eat or shoes to wear. I'm feeling the call to do something in the true spirit of giving.

If we all gave something - $5.00, our time, a coat that we don't wear anymore - it could make a difference. Also, smiles and kindness are free.

The gifts in my family are beyond ridiculous - very expensive junk. I'm not playing this year. I have enough junk.

Having said that, well, I don't have to be peeved anymore do I?? "
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Reply #3 - 12/06/12  10:14pm
" Nope, bought my poppy for the 11th of last month, gave my thanks for their sacrifice, the rest is just another day in the year to me...some better than most.

Peace to all,
~smiles fer miles~ "
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Reply #4 - 12/06/12  10:17pm
" Peole who find it irresistible to dress their cars up as Rudolph...PUKE! "
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Reply #5 - 12/06/12  11:49pm
" My pet peeve is just going to the store and needing one thing like at Wal Mart and people get in the express line, pull out there checkbook at the last minute, ask the total, who to make the check to, and then oh there pen runs out of ink, cashier can not find theres, and then the next person is bitching to me about how slow the cashier is and I am like well I feel for is not an easy job, then they won't STFU, and you got someone making racist remarks behind you and you are with your spouse and he happens to be black, and you wanna tell them to go screw themself, and tons of annoying cranky people including me at Wal Mart this time of year.......and Target is an option but I know wal mart will definitley have what I need. Oh I hate lines and too people rolling up on me with the buggy or standing too close and I ask them nicely to back up a little, and they get offended (this is the South, sorry, people wanna argue especially when you do not exactly have a Southern accent yourself and you are with a black man), me personal space should be respected right? Oh and like I said people using checks in express lanes or not running there credit card through while the cashier is ringing them up and they have to ask how to use the damn thing a million times probably because my state has a high rate of illiterate people and I love my home but it gets annoying as fuck when most the people here are so damn close minded and ignorant LOL Sorry, kinda took over, but I hate lines and Wal Mart!!! Oh and I know this may sound mean but the people collecting money out front piss me off. I wanna go without being asked to give money because I already help out people when I want to but most the time I do not even trust these peole standing out there. "
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Reply #6 - 12/07/12  1:08am
" I am from the South too, and I totally miss it, cried at Thanksgiving talking to my brother, who just moved back to our hometown and him telling me about getting to have our "southern" traditions again with all down there, really got me. Okay that said.

My pet peeve is these people spending all this money on all this high dollar stuff that is just that "stuff", that honestly doesn't have much meaning, in a month the kids are gonna be wanting/expecting something that is even more expensive. What happened to the meaning behind Christmas? The most memorable Christmas's for me was when we had to make each other homemade gifts of what ever we could find, wood or whatever cuz we didn't have much money, but we had lot's of love. Or when we would get up Christmas morning and there would be one Santa gift, not expensive, and maybe 2 gifts a piece....but the best was the stocking, always knowing that Daddy (Santa) would have an orange, apple and nuts in the bottom. It is quality family time and the meaning of what Christmas is. We are doing that this year, we aren't having tons of gifts, we rarely ever do "expensive" we did one expensive gift last year for our 2 grandson's, we got a john deere recliner 1 for the both of them to share from Santa..they loved it and I got it on sale for $65. Ya we have some money to do a bit more, but I told my husband there is a limit this year on spending and amount of gifts..quality time is what we are doing and he agreed. "
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Reply #7 - 12/07/12  1:18am
" My pet peeve is kind of like SillyAnn's. It's all the stuff that people buy that we don't need. At this time of year the difference between want and need gets fuzzy and a lot of people go without. Our family have stopped giving each other presents and started giving things, what we can, to a local charity of our choosing. We're all grown now and we really don't need anything else in our lives besides each other. So we get together and have a good meal, a few laughs, some games and good stories. That's the way it should be. Oh, and that columbia jacket that I wanted so much? It's going to a local charity this year so someone else can keep warm. I can wear my old coat one more year. "
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Reply #8 - 12/07/12  1:24am
" The whole thing is a pet peeve, more like a giant alligator on a leash peeve to me. People being pretty much forced to shop for people. Sounds cold but hey, do ya have to shop for EVERYONE at once? People stressed out that they won't get the perfect thing, or can't spend a lot of money. People one-upping each other gift-wise with bellies full of ham and green beans.

I say we start a new tradition where we celebrate Christmas in June, on the calendarial (?) opposite of December 25. Buy nothing in December. Or maybe January's the day you buy for brothers, February for sisters, etc. That'll show 'em! "
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Reply #9 - 12/07/12  1:50am
" Cammiecat, when I buy groceries, I watch and pay attention, when I get good sales, like this time when I bought, they had canned goods where I went, 28 cents a can a limit of like 10 (if I remember right) on each kind on sale. I always have over full cupboards and plenty in freezer. That way when I hear that someone is trying to figure out how to feed their family or pay the full elec. bill so not to get it shut off, or feed the family or put gas in the car to get back and forth to work, I can say hey, here is food, feed your family and pay your elec. bill or get your gas. I give clothes, I do my best to help in so many ways, take people places to put in applications or interviews or things...that is what it is about, helping others whenever possible. Not just at Christmas. I have a brand new coat, well turns out more like a fall or like a say 40 degree maybe 30 degree jacket type, i got the wrong size, was going to sell it, but I am going to donate it at my church for the vet's center or to a place I know that helps abused women. This is what we need to do. "

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