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.. what would it be?

apart from the BP / mental health issues do you have something that you would like to do? not pie in the sky per se but something realistic.. big or small (I do appreciate how hard it is to extract ourselves from the moods/feelings/behaviours we have and that they can be beyond debilitating)

for me I'd like to go back to uni ... in the next city over they run a Masters course on Film Studies.... not sure if intellectually I am up to it any more.... but my support worker wants me to think about the possibility of it.. long term goal perhaps

I am more than my BP and sometimes I forget that.... I think we all can tend to do that too
Posted on 11/24/12, 09:10 am
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Reply #21 - 11/24/12  2:33pm
" I'd love to have one of those big a$$ monster RV's , the kind who guzzle gas ...I'd want the money to be able to travel all over the USA and parts of Canada, to see DS friends and the sites of my beautiful Country .

Having my little dog with me, and occasionally picking up a DS member and going on the road trip of a lifetime ! "
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Reply #22 - 11/24/12  5:17pm
" to have a baby "
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Reply #23 - 11/24/12  6:38pm
" I would like to treat myself better. "
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Reply #24 - 11/24/12  7:37pm
" I've always said I want to be a professional student!!!!

I LOVE school!!!

Alas. Don't think that's much of a possibility.
I've lost my ability to read with comprehension and also to retain the little bit I CAN comprehend.

I can't seem to even read for pleasure anymore -- except for books I've already read a number of times.
I'm grateful for that much, though!!! "
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Reply #25 - 11/24/12  7:42pm
" i want to be successful at what it is exactly that i know in my head is my number one dream to do, scratch the rest. "
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Reply #26 - 11/24/12  9:01pm
" Peace in GAZA. "
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Reply #27 - 11/24/12  9:14pm
" I would like to take someone life I know back to 2005 "
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Reply #28 - 11/24/12  10:43pm
" two answer both questions.... Maureen =) "
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Reply #29 - 11/25/12  11:55am
" I'm hoping to get a master's degree...and I'm wishing we had enough to pay our bills...and Im hoping me and my hb can get the insurance and therapy we both need...more than anything (but would require some of these other things to be in place first) I'd like to find my way spiritually...and to have a baby or adopt.

Sounds like I'm asking too much... "

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