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Shitty Advice....
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What's the shittiest advice someone has given you????

There's got to be some good ones out here.....
Posted on 02/15/12, 05:17 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Bipolar Disorder. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #41 - 02/16/12  2:41pm
" Hey Gina, I was about to reply with the snap out of it advice that one of my 4 sisters gave me late in 1998 while I briefly lived in the Black Hills of SD. She basically ordered me to do so, but for some reason I just refused to listen to that sound advice. Then I saw it your reply. Frak you took it from me so...

Another sister and 1 brother used to love to tell me to call my tdoc or my pdoc with even just the slightest indication from me that I wanted something like a hug or my hands held. Nope. "
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Reply #42 - 02/16/12  3:21pm
" why don't you come to the gun range and I'll show you the hole a 357 makes, and see if you still want to shoot yourself - husband "
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Reply #43 - 02/16/12  3:37pm
" When it has allergy advice on cashew nuts.CAUTION may contain nuts!!

If it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down!!

Someone saying be careful AFTER you smacked into something!! "
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Reply #44 - 02/16/12  4:16pm
" this has nothin with your thing but u should check out iluminati "
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Reply #45 - 02/16/12  4:18pm
" geez whodoesshethink......a bit of an asshole husband at times?

hugs! "
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Reply #46 - 02/16/12  4:34pm
" My mother: "Just stop taking drugs" (before I started my 12 step program.

My mother: " Just stop acting so depressed and get up and get moving."

My mother: "Eat more, you'll feel better". "
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Reply #47 - 02/16/12  5:02pm
" " It hurts me to know that you are hurting "...very tricky to read into "
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Reply #48 - 02/16/12  9:45pm
" You'll get your reward in heaven. (uH HUH)
Offer your suffering up to God. (What he wants with it I don't know.) "
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Reply #49 - 02/21/12  6:45am
" When I was 19 and severely depressed, my family convinced me to call the area crisis line. I had attempted suicide recently, and was nearly successful.

The woman on the crisis line told me, "you should go to the mall, do some shopping."

"retail therapy" cures bipolar, right?? "
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Reply #50 - 02/21/12  9:27am
" I truly hate the phrase, which I've heard a lot,"suck it up and move on, it could be worse" I don't know that. Knowing that does not make me feel better. :) "

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