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2 By knuckle
4:09 pm
Want My Mom Back 
3 By cinben
4 By MsBlank1
Child Loss 
2 By inmemoryofha...
Missing you dad 
5 By driveler
sudden death and grief by vader 
1 By Veronica77
losing my angel 
1 By Loving11
6 By cinben
what should I do by vader? 
2 By cdameron
Losing my father 
8 By mammald1975
Dealing with the loss of a close p... 
4 By freedom14G
Lost without you Mom 
11 By SusanAprill
How do I hold my family together? 
4 By kellysamkay
Need Advice 
1 By cliffskat Community Leader
Hard Day 
1 By freedom14G

Bereavement Information

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Join our online support group to connect with a supportive group of people who really know how you feel. Help is right here.

Health Blogs

Stress can skyrocket during bereavement. The massive adjustments to change demanded of you can repeatedly trigger the stress response, a cascade of hormones that prepares your body to fight or flee. Unless feelings of stress are given an outlet, physical and psychological symptoms—such as a clenched jaw, shakiness, and anxious feelings—tend to ... Read More »
Loss is fundamental to the human predicament. It is not something we can control, prevent, or change. We can, however, control how we relate to loss. And how we relate to loss will determine how we live our lives. Grieving losses involves dwelling on that which was lost -- the person, the part of yourself, the time of your life -- and turning ... Read More »
Posted in Depression by Sharecare on Apr 02, 2014
Research is beginning to show us these four roots create true happiness and health at a very key level of our existence. The four roots - Serenity, Exercise, Love and Food (or S.E.L.F.) - have an essential effect on our chemical processes of the body.

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