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Does your face hurt?
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There are certain areas of my face that hurt to the touch, like right above my eyebrow or along my jawline. I guess it feels almost like sinus pressure under the skin. Does anyone else have that? I'd say it's on the BP side of my face, but I'm one of the rare cases who developed Bell's bilaterally.
Posted on 02/04/09, 12:23 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Bell's Palsy. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 10/08/09  8:26pm
" Im in my 8th day and i been taking solone and acupuncture, im about to start chinese medicine too, i have bells palcy on my left side and 2 days ago i had acupuncture after which the next day (yesterday) i started getting a really painful jaw, according to some people on here it means its starting to heal? i will ask my acupuncturist today as im having it again this afternoon. i wonder if anyone has every gotton over it in any less than 8 months im desperate as i work in retail and im scaring the kids by smiling :( help "
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Reply #12 - 10/11/09  8:18pm
" i developed bells palsy a week ago, but for the last 2 days i have been in agony it feels like my affected side (left) is badly bruised, i have a very high pain threshold but this is really bad, docs dont seem to agree that its because of the bells palsy, i have no idea what to do as i cant put up with it much longer! "
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Reply #13 - 10/13/09  5:04pm
" i spoke to my acupuncturist and he said it means your healing and my face still hurts like hell too and the back of my head on the left affected side, im so over it, im in my 2 week with bells palsy and i have seen little improvements like i can move my mouth now and my cheek. my eye closes now and i can taste my food again, and its all because of my acupuncturist and the steroids the doctor put me on, between the two im not far off being cured, i hope it will be gone by next week :) fingers crossed lol "
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Reply #14 - 10/27/09  12:19pm
" i just got bell's palsy my left side of my jaw near my ear is swollen and hurts all the time,i finished up prednisone but i didnt even notice any change.everytime i take a drink or eat something i get a tingling pain that shoots to my jaw and i start to saliva alot and it get a metalic taste in my mouth..anyone have this symptoms??? please if so what did you take and does it make the jaw pain go away..i cant take this.. "
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Reply #15 - 11/05/09  5:39pm
" Hi everyone,
I am new to this, I am 3 days away from being 40 weeks pregnant and I was diagnosed with BP a week ago. It certainly put a dampner on everything for the 1st few days, I was to embarrassed to go anywhere. Now I have read all your stories which has certainly made me feel a lot better.

Yesterday I started feeling like I had been punched in the face on the effected side and a bit of twitching in my eye and lips. I hope this is a sign of recovery... "
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Reply #16 - 11/08/09  2:04pm
" The first time i got Bell's Palsy was three years ago and my face didn't hurt, though i had terrible migraines.

I got it again in July. And this time, even though i'm going on three and a half months of it, my face still hurts. It feels sore to the touch and when i move my eye around too much, my nerves hurt. "
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Reply #17 - 12/06/09  9:09pm
" Definitely! My face hurt in specific spots around my eyebrow, jaw, side of my nose, etc. I am over a year post and I am happy to say that the pain is gone. I could sleep on that side of my face for months...but it does get better! Hang in there, I know it is very miserable! "
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Reply #18 - 12/08/09  11:12am
" I have had times when the area on my throat that is slightly drawn cramps up. Hurts like hell. Just comes and goes. I attribute it to the nerve that was damged being irritated and hope its not a sign another BP event is coming. "
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Reply #19 - 12/26/09  9:00am
" I have had BP 5 times. Each episode alternating bilaterally. No lingering paralysis. Very fortunate. Someone jotted down some statistics on likelihood of paralysis, Pardon me if I para-phrase. A much larger % of BP sufferers experience some degree of paralysis. A trained ENT eye can spot it quickly.

As for the pain issues. The ENT is correct in that BP itself, the suspected virus, causes no discomfort. However; companion discomfort, cramps etc. are common while other facial muscles compensate for the BP symptoms.

The only pain I can speak to was each time at onset and like clockwork when it literally vanished in my sleep, I would experience a very sharp shooting pain diagonally across my jaw up to the top of my head. Each time. Strange. But I am very blessed not to have suffered more symptoms, given the number of episodes. Each one < 31 days duration, not prednisone related.

Best Regards,

Just Joe "
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Reply #20 - 09/05/10  5:08pm
" I'm really glad I found this page online. I have been experiencing the "soreness" or mild pain along my jawline and am relieved to see that others have experience that too. My doctor told me that Bell's is painless. Guess he never had it. "

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