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I had Bells Palsy roughly 12 years ago and Ive been told that once youve had it,the virus thing stays even if you had recovered and it could strike again at anytime. Does anyone know if this is true? Ive been panicking every time I get a headache (as thats how mine started)for years in case it comes back. Also, does anyone thats had it and come through the other side get facial twitches, I was told it could be nerve endings that didnt repair after the illness causing it.To be honest when I had mine, I got very little info from the doctor, I left the surgery with an eye patch and a prescription for prednisalone and told to buy straws to drink with as I couldnt use a cup, as fast as I was taking a sip it was dripping down my chin.
Posted on 11/03/07, 11:31 pm
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Reply #1 - 11/14/07  3:27pm
" Hi - I was told by my neurologist that - it would not come back again. My BP is also from a virus. Again, he said it is really rare for it to come back. I had asked that because you can get it at the end of pregnancy too and I hope to have another child someday but, I don't want to get BP again. I have had my BP for 3 months and I am somewhat recovered but, I still have a long way to go. How long did it take you to recover? and what surgery did you have to help it? I am very interested in the surgery but know nothing about it. "
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Reply #2 - 09/04/08  11:06am
" I was told, and have read that your are MORE susceptible to getting Bell's Palsy once you have gotten it. I have had it three times since 2004--the first two times were only 3 weeks apart. Had it on the lt side first then on the right. I now have it again on the left. Wondering if history will repeat itself again! Mine too starts with headache--sinus like pressure and a half-numb tongue! "
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Reply #3 - 09/04/08  1:19pm
" I developed Bells when I was pregnant due to high blood pressure, We are expecting our second child and I was told it might or might not come back, one of those things you never know. I cry sometime thinking what I went thru having it and 19 months later I still have damage. But the joys in life are more important to me that is why I am taking that chance with another pregnacy. It is a funny thing that not much doctors could say about it, which was extremely frustating, but i think you can get it again, like as any one can get it. "
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Reply #4 - 09/04/08  3:24pm
" so the odds of you getting bells has been documented as 2-9% not vry high odds at all. so everyone should not have to fear this as a great concern. however. It is also documented that if you have a reoccurance there is norm a cause for it. My mothers doc in my oppinion is being lazy & iresponsible w/her condition as she is on her 4th time w/it! 2-9% my butt!!!! "
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Reply #5 - 09/05/08  11:21am
" I hear this question alot, and I've done alot of research regarding Bell's palsy since I am studying medicine and also like most of you, have suffered from it.

The honest truth us, Bell's palsy's chance of recurrance depends on the manner by which you acquired it; that is, whether it was viral or physically sustained. In my case, it was a physical injury that compressed & inflamed my VII cranial nerve, the chance of a recurrance in my situation is about the same chance I'd win the lottery.

However, if you acquired Bell's palsy due to a viral simplex attack on your cranial nerve (i.e., Herpes, Lyme Disease, etc.), your chance of a recurrance is roughly 10%. "
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Reply #6 - 09/06/08  11:01pm
" I too would like to know what kind of surgery you refer to. I've had BP for 5 months now with some improvement but still have problems being able to see good out of my right eye,right side of my mouth still won't pucker though the drooping is gone,and the right cheek area stays numb all the time and very tight.Headaches daily and hurts if I press on certain areas of my cheek and under my nose.Four weeks ago my neurologist ordered an MRI of my brain and found that I have some blood vessel patterns similar to those of someone with MS.To confirm the MS I had to go this past Friday for an MRI of my spine and if the same patterns show up in my spine then that will confirm that I have MS.If that is ok then I was told I would need to have a spinal tap to withdraw some fluid as this is the only way to confirm that I have an ongoing viral infection.It's all so scary but again I'd like to know what kind of surgery you has. "
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Reply #7 - 03/06/09  2:09pm
" My doc told me that stress is one of the triggers for BP. and it can come back if i'm not careful. I would suggest to stay calm whenever you get headaches. Of course i also already have Ocular Herpes, so that can add to the chances of getting bells palsy. either way, the virus is the same and it stays in ur body waiting for a chance to come back. "

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