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solutions to adult bed wetting
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My boyfriend is 29 and wets the bed. He has plastic sheets over his mattress and regular sheets over that. When he does urinate in his sleep the urine sits on top of the matress and it eventually gets soaked up by the sheets on top. I often wake up and my side of the bed is soaked in his urine. Are there any soltuions? I've looked into alarms but they seem pretty expensive. Is there something to put on the bed to contain his urine to his side of the bed?
Posted on 12/30/07, 08:42 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/04/08  3:23am
" What about Depends? "
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Reply #2 - 01/04/08  12:28pm
" Depends are an option but I'm thinking that a 29 yr old guy isn't going to respond well to the idea of adult diapers. I was looking for some kind of solution that doesn't require him wearing anything. I wish there was something for a side of a bed instead of the whole bed. The plastic sheets are the problem- they spread out all of the urine at night over the entire bed. "
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Reply #3 - 01/21/08  7:33pm
" Easily solved. You can get absorbent underpads for the bed, which are either reusable or disposable. The disposable ones are available at Walgreens, CVS, etc. Place one under the sheets on his side of the bed and they should contain everything. You might have to buy the largest size if he rolls around a lot.

I like the disposable ones because you can just throw then out and go on with life, the reusable ones you obviously have to launder. "
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Reply #4 - 02/02/08  4:05pm
" meepsalot,
True adult behavior is to be considerate of one's partner. In cases of enuresis, this may mean a doctor's appointment, medications, surgery, an alarm, or diapers and plastic pants. Medications have side effects which may or may not be tolerable. Surgery may be effective, necessary, or a complete waste; you will need competent medical advice to decide. Alarms can cause sleep deprivation: difficult for children and adolescents, possibly life-threatening for adults who must drive and operate heavy machinery on the job. Surgery made me totally incontinent, but it ended years of intense bladder pain, and saved my kidneys. I wear diapers and plastic pants 24/7 simply to be considerate of the furniture, my wife, and to enable me to function in public. Paxton "
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Reply #5 - 03/07/08  9:18pm
" I just joined this site and I have dealt with bedwetting for almost 10 years now, Im 35 now. I currently wear a diaper to bed and my wife is very grateful that I do. So yes, its weird but I do it for her. So you might ask your boyfriend if he will....for your sake at least "
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Reply #6 - 03/15/08  9:34am
" I'm new here so people hit me up. On this topic, you are right about when you use just a plastic sheet on the bed and one sheet over it the pee will spread. No problem if you are the only one in the bed but with two I see your issue. A fapric covered waterproof cover or bed pad like the one discussed before will help to pee the pee on his side of the bed. I do not share a bed but have the pad thing on over my plastic cover and the wet spot is contained to just where I am sleeping. hope this helps. "
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Reply #7 - 03/26/08  12:38pm
" I'm close to your boyfriend's age and still wet the bed occasionally also. As much as it's not fun for you, it's definitely more not fun for him!! I would also recommend a bed pad that is cloth on one side and plastic on the other -- those contain accidents much better than just platsic. Also, if you wake up to use the bathroom (or for any other reason) during the night, you could try waking him up too to see if he has to go. I'm recently married myself, and my wife has done that simple step for me and it has helped reduce my accidents a lot! I hope you can find something that works for both of you. Thanks for supporting your boyfriend with this difficult problem! "
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Reply #8 - 03/27/08  3:33pm
" Plastic sheets are only to protect the mattress. They are very uncomfortable and I donít recommend them at all.

If he doesnít want to wear anything, a very workable solution is to get a waterproof pad AND an absorbent cloth to cover it. I sometimes use a pad I bought at Giant in the baby section for bedwetting kids. But you MUST cover this pad with enough absorbent cloth to be able to absorb all wetness. This will contain the urine to the cloth on the pad. Its also important that the cloth stay only on the pad and not extend beyond it. For the absorbent cloth, I use a thick adult diaper but a towel will work just as well. The cotton (flannel) diaper is more comfortable.

But this is a stop gap measure. If he is lying on his back, he may soak the top sheet/blanket and it may run down to a point not covered by the pad. This happens sometimes.

The pads are about 24 inches by 36 inches and cost less than $20. So you should not have to sleep on a hot an muggy plastic sheet.

BTW, any wet sheets or blankets are usually very COLD and will wake someone up. So you should have additional absorbent cloths ready to be switched out as needed.

On another note, if this happens every night and has been happening every night, there is something else going on here. What I mean is that you only have to wet the bed a few times to realize that plastic sheets do not do anything except protect the mattress. This means the sheets and blankets are absorbing all the urine. Are they washed every day? If not, they were does this urine go? What does the room smell like? Plus he has to know that you will also get wet. Did he warn you? Is there something he isnít telling you? "
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Reply #9 - 03/28/08  8:28pm
" I also still wet the bed when I sleep. We have a king-size bed with a plastic sheet amd a thick matress cover under our sheets. This works to keep my wife dry most of the time. So, try a thick cotton mattress cover over the plastic sheet,and under your bottom sheet. It works for us. "
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Reply #10 - 04/03/08  3:00am
" my daughters father (whom i share a bed with...) has been wetting the bed, for no reason really, hes 23 now and it is annoying, to wake up and find the sheets wet, but i am sad for him, and want some advice for being a friend/family member of an adult i know how you feel ""meepsalot"" He is very embarrassed about it, wont talk about it, and i want him to talk about it with someone ....does anyne have any helpful resources? PLEASE LET ME KNOW "

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