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groin pain caused by low back????
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Does anyone get groin pain from their low back problems? It is like a muscle pull. I get them a lot, especially when the pain is down my legs and in my hips too. However, some days the groin pull feeling starts and then the severe pain in my back follows. Like something is not in the right spot and it takes a while for my brain to figure out it is coming from my back.
Just wondered if anyone else gets this, or if I carry myself differently when in pain and cause it without knowing.
Posted on 06/08/12, 12:32 am
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Reply #1 - 06/08/12  8:23am
" Yes I feel this too. Sometimes it's like everything from my waist to my feet aches so bad. I explain it like something is just crushing me & it hurts no matter what position I'm in. "
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Reply #2 - 06/08/12  10:35am
" Yes, I get this from time to time. "
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Reply #3 - 06/08/12  11:50am
" Yes it aches from the waist down and the left groin area so much i want to just cut my leg off. "
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Reply #4 - 06/08/12  12:20pm
" I don't have this, my pain stays in my back. I am wondering if it is Siatic Nerve??? "
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Reply #5 - 06/08/12  6:02pm
" I am going through similar situation right now. I have extreme pain in my right hip/groin area, the dr keeps telling me its coming from my back but in 2009, I went through 9 epidurals, a myelogram, fluroscopic injections, they even tried to deaden the nerves in my spine. I was told that I needed to be on pain management but because of the fibro, I can't find a pain clinic that will accept me. I do take Lorcet for my fibro pain but have been on the same doseage for about 6 yrs now and everyt ime I try to talk about the pain meds I am treated like a pill seaker. Recently the pain has become unbearable, I went to the orthopedist last week, he gave me a shot of Toredol, and a cortizone shot and told me to come back in 3 weeks, it has eased slightly, I guess Ill see what happens. Good luck to you, hope you can find relief. "
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Reply #6 - 06/08/12  6:06pm
" Have you tried to use a pillow between/under ur knees at night while trying to sleep? Also I find relief sitting on a heating pad while in a reclined position. "
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Reply #7 - 06/12/12  2:00pm
" Yes! I have this too and have told all my doctors about it and they look at me with this this puzzled expression. Some have said its referred pain from my back and maybe my SI joint. Sometimes it’s so bad that I can hardly walk. My legs, back and groin ache so bad its pure misery. At least I found this post and know I am not alone in feeling this and I am right to think it’s from my back. I have herniated disk at L4/L5 with an annular tear. I have done everything non-surgical and I am on three different pain killers. I can have a lumbar fusion or live with the pain…. not great options. "
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Reply #8 - 06/13/12  3:40pm
" I had L4-5 too un4getable, also S1. I absolutely hate when doctors act like you're crazy for mentioning something, but yet others you talk to have the same kind of pain or problems! We know our bodies & our pains better than anyone else! "
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Reply #9 - 06/13/12  6:24pm
" Emf6874 I am SO frustrated with my docs! Some even suggested that the groin pain is from arthritis. Give me a break that’s not the problem. They even tried to tell me that after I pointed out that it started right after the car accident and I never had it before. You are so right about knowing our bodies & pain the best. Thanks for the reply! "
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Reply #10 - 06/15/12  6:08am
" Pain originating in the back can manifest in other places and some drs. just won't/don't believe a patient let alone investigate.
My son had severe chest pains, to the point he had to go the ER....
They checked his heart, did an EKG and essentially told him all was well even though he could not stand straight from the pain, they sent him on home telling him to see his family dr......the sense was that the ER simply thought he was imagining this/drug seeking.
Lo and behold, he had a darn good primary who within 5 min, of seeing my son said it was a nerve pinched in his back, gave my son some kind of injection, the pain was gone almost immediately.
This dr. did not have all the technology the ER did but was able to pinpoint the cause and address it.
I can easily see where something can originate in your spine and create pain in the groin area.
My own groin pain was cause from severe OA in my hip which did stop post hip replacement, but as I said, if my son could havea pinched nerve in his spine mimick a heart attack, others surely can have it in the groin.

It aggravates me to no end when dr.s dismiss our symptoms and even worse label us as drug seekers!!! I've had that happen more often than not and just this past Oct. found a pain management dr.
who, after reviewing my MRI's, CT'scans and x-rays, had no doubts
as to the reality of my chronic pain.
Other dr.s had been shown the exact same results only to tell me if it was "that bad" , I wouldn't be walking....duhhhh...I was barely able to walk with the aide of a walker from the pain.....that mattered not.

You could possibly carry yourself in a different position when your pain gets to "x" level but from the way you described things, in my opinion, there is something more going on and it would be wise if you consulted your dr. about it and if he/she won't listen, if at all possible, find one that will!!!

I've had shots of Toradol at times when my opiates don't touch the pain, and my dr. also gave me an rx for a very small amount of that in oral form so I didn't have to risk driving to the clinic for the shot each time.
Without this dr. validating things though, I wouldn't even get those.'d said your ortho was seeing you in 3 weeks, does he believe you and will he be checking more causes out? The Toradol is great for short term relief as is the cortisone shot, though the cortison shot can give relief for more than a few days.....that depends a lot on the cause of the pain though. At some point, even those aren't of much help:(:(
I hope your dr. will look into just what is what.
Maika...please don't let any dr. dismiss what is happening, if changing your position is aggravating it, there is a chance in so doing you are pinching a nerve that is already being compressed.

I hope everyone that has this happening will be able to have it looked into and treated appropriately. "

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