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No quality of life
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Hi i am new to this site, but have been on it numerous times. I am a 20 year old female and i have just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have no quality of life and it is so frustrating. I began experiencing back pain September of last year. I literally woke up with it which is what frustrates me the most. It started gradually with many ER trps because no doctor would listen to me. It has just gotten worse, i learn to live with the new pain until i become immune to it, but then it gets worse. With each worsening of pain i just learn to get use to it. I have tried numerous medications, the tens unit, and i began working out. I have worked at Arby's for four years which doesn't sound like a damanding job unless your 100 pounds and 5 feet. I lift things heavier than me and i never knew i wasn't lifting things right. I have done sports my whole life mainly softball and cheerleading. Looking back i just can't understand what i did. I have gone to numerous doctors hoping they will fix me and they just think i am a drug seeker. I look at kids at my college and i just get so depressed. My pain makes my depression worse. The only friend i have is my mom who has been through hell of her own and also has three herniated dics so atleast she understands. The only diagnosis i have had is to straight of a back. I just don't see that diagnosis being the source of all this pain. If anyone has any suggestions or advice i would love to hear it maybe i am just missing something. I am sorry to rant i just need a doctor who will listen to me, i want to be a normal 20 year old, and i just want to be fixed..
Posted on 02/13/12, 09:57 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/13/12  10:05pm
" I 100% feel your pain. Being our age and in so much pain that is not visible, it sucks. Try to go to your main doctor and get x-rays, MRI's anything that might show whats going on. Next step is to find an amazing pain management doctor.

My wish in live is to be a normal 21 year old, so I really get it, if you ever need to talk, PM me or anything. "
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Reply #2 - 02/13/12  10:47pm
" I am so sorry for both of you young women, being young and dealing with pain. It really sucks, doesn't it?

Britt since you have been athletic, I want to encourage you to continue to do light activity..especially get into yoga which is very helpful for back pain. A good yoga instructor can teach you stretches that will help you with pain.

If it continues, I agree you should have good medical care...and perhaps a MRI though these things can get expensive if you don't have insurance. And if your doctor won't listen then go see another are the consumer and entitled to quality and effective care

I suspect you injured yourself on the job by lifting something incorrectly. Your employee is responsible for teaching you how to correctly lift things, and if nothing else, do a search online that shows you how to lift with your legs and not your back.

Whatever you don, don't give up-and don't hit the bed and not move because this will just make things worse, believe someone who has been in pain since 1994 I've learned how to take care of myself when it comes to dealing with pain.

Honestly, you will get thru this with help from a doctor, some massage, yoga and stretching, and taking care of yourself things will get better-prior to my auto accident I had a very physical job and was always injuring myself-until I learned how to take care of myself..if it hadn't been for the auto accident and a following on the job injury I would have been climbing telephone poles another 12 more years before retiring....and I wish I had been able to keep working, trust me--i loved my job.

Take care and be well and get out there and exercise and stretch!

Best wishes
plantcrone "
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Reply #3 - 02/14/12  1:05am
" Sorry to hear about your chronic back pain. Since you have been to many doctors without much improvement, perhaps you may consider changing your mattress as well as your sleeping positions.
This may not sound convincing but have been shown to be reasons for causing back pain. "
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Reply #4 - 02/14/12  2:34pm
" Sorry to hear of your pain. Although with back pain is sometimes elusive. I would say seek out a Spine Surgeon, or a Neurologist. They are the specalists I would seek out, and have tests run (MRI,CT)to find out what is the real cause I have had back pain and problems for over 16 years, it never goes away, has a constant pain point and get's worse to the point of tears and not being able to function. I will offer a peice of advice and suggest always take your meds before you over-do-it, the pain meds won't work anfter the fact. Find yourself a good pain management Dr not one of those who is just wanting to inject you (thousands of those around).If this happened at work your have Worker Compensation rights the company is obligated to take care of your medical problems from a work related injury, get a lawyer for that, those Ins Co don't like workers cutting into there bottom line. "
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Reply #5 - 02/14/12  3:08pm
" @imaginos...I'm curious about your sort of negative statement about spinal epidurals. Could you speak a bit about your experience? I think it's important for people who are just experiencing back pain, especially young women like the OP, should know why we say what we do when offering our opinions.

I had 3 back surgeries-and I believe they were unnecessary and they didn't offer any solution for my back pain-just gave me more problems. I now have spinal epidurals several times a year because the surgeries were useless..permanent injury to my body for something time and therapy would have healed.

It's my opinion that a temporary measure is better to try before looking for surgery... I am also a long time Chronic Pain patient..starting with an auto accident in 1994.

plantcrone "
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Reply #6 - 02/14/12  9:59pm
" I totally agree with imaginos about injections. They are a total waste of time and millions of doctors are ready to shoot that syringe in you. I guess though, some people they do help, they did nothing for me. We tried 3 different locations for me, not one was helpful and one was extremely painful. "
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Reply #7 - 02/14/12  11:39pm
" Perhaps, instead of saying a procedure is a total waste of time, it might be helpful to say they don't work for you..If they didn't work for anyone, I wouldn't have a month wait to get my epidural-I have met the same people in my Pain Clinic for the last 10 years who swear that without the epidurals their life would be miserable.

Yes they can be painful-but you can be sedated prior to the spinal so you don't even know what went on-I no longer get sedated-I'd rather have my epidural and get out of the office instead of wait for the sedation to wear off. My pain is because of 3 unnecessary surgeries which the surgeons were very quick to push on me..So my experience with surgery is negative.

For me, without spinal epidurals I would not dare to be planning on going hiking in Costa Rica in April, or work in the garden, ride a bike or many other active things I am able to do..and I know when I need one-the sciatic pain is so miserable.

There are medications that work for others which I had terrible side effects from-I just try to relate my opinion but not condemn the medication, just because it didn't work for me.

Just a kindly offered suggestion.

plantcrone in oregon "
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Reply #8 - 02/15/12  6:40pm
" I stand by my statement about epidurals as does Paradoxed. According to Dr, Ins Comp, and Hospital records epidurals are normaly not worth the time and effort but cost generally over $2000.00 to perform. I have had 5 or 6 of them and everytime they have made me worse. Everyone I have spoken to including Spine Surgeons and for the majority of people having epidurals are inefective to say the least. I have had back surgeries and I will agree they were at least in my case made my condition worse. Pretty much My back condition is untreatable and only getting worse, but that is just my back condition. I am glad if you are one of those to whom a epidural actualy worked, you are in the minority. I didn't want to spend the last 16 years of my life living in pain 24/7 but that is my life and I deal with it, I don't really think any of us here want to live in constant pain with no relief or cure in sight but that is what we do.. If you would like to know what my "train wreck " of a back is like I have posted it before but if there is something that could be wrong and something you could do I have it (yes even a couple of crushed vertibrae). Sorry I have gone on but I had to explain my reason for disliking epidurals. "
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Reply #9 - 02/15/12  7:13pm
" I hear your unhappiness with epidurals, but have to say that Surgeons..surge..they cut. Thats their job. They don't treat pain.

For me, the 3 surgeries I was bullied into by both surgeons, insurance companies and workers comp were a waste of time..but I try to just give my opinion on surgeons.

I have a similar feeling about 80% of the chiropractors..who give themselves a bad name by signing up people for the maximum number of treatments their insurance gives them not even knowing what it will take to hep them- or even IF they can help. I've found a few honest chiros, but many more who have caused me more pain that what I had when I went in. I don't return.

It is very sad that epidurals don't work for you but *I* stand by the past 10 years of success that has given me my life back. It just proves that bodies are different, pain is caused by a variety of reasons and we all don't react the same way.

Best of wishes in finding a treatment that does work for you
Plantcrone "
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Reply #10 - 02/24/12  1:30am
" Ah yes, how I long to be a normal 20 year old. I will actually be 20 in one month. I crushed 3 vertabrae, as result of a very bad 2 story fall at the age of 18. I will live the rest of my life in chronic pain. mostly in my lower-middle back, and through my hips. I have a few suggestions.... Do NOT rely on one doctors oppinion!! If I have learned anything from my experience, it is that you MUST take it upon yourself to find the right doctor/specialist to help you! You need to get a variety of oppinions in regards to your diagnosis. Have you had an MRI? X-ray? Do you have insurance? Demand these types of things. There could be a bigger problem being overlooked. Also, water therapy is great. Utilize your local swimming pool, college swimming pool, where ever. It is extremely good for nerve, muscular, and bone pain. Go buy yourself a giant bottle of pure peppermint oil, and rub it on your skin over the location of your pain. It has natural properties to numb pain. Try meditation, light yoga, stretching (only ones approved by a good pain specialist).. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.. I am here to answer as a fellow 20 year old woman suffering from pain, and feel like when in regards to pain Ive been there done that, already. "

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