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back pain relieved by dicyclomine?
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i've been prescribed cyclobenzaprine and a few other muscle relaxants for lower back pain, but i had to stop taking them all immediately because they drastically increased my depression. so i had given up on muscle relaxants but then i was prescribed dicyclomine for ibs, and i took it not realizing it was a muscle relaxant, and it really agrees with me. the dicyclomine helps with the abdominal pain and the back pain and i have more energy and all these things lead to relief of depression too. i've done some research online about muscle relaxants but i haven't found anything that might explain why the dicyclomine is so great for me when all other muscle relaxants have been so horrible. anyone know?
Posted on 05/17/12, 05:53 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/19/15  1:33pm
" The doctor should have asked you for medical history, as you stated that the medication initially increased your depression which is because of cyclobenzaprine (CNS depressent but also have skeletal muscle relaxant activity). Well, finally the dicyclomine is a potent smooth muscle relaxant which helped you inInflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD) in Gastro intestinal tract(GIT) which is made of smooth muscles. So the condition in your case is that you have IBD and may be that's why you are getting muscle spasm of GIT and so the dicyclomine is working better for you. "

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