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DHA supplements?
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My childs therapist recommended a fish oil supplement with DHA. Is anyone else using one? He recommended the chewable soft gels. Someone else told me the liquid would be more effective but I cant find any liquid with a good flavor. Have any of you tried the Nordic Naturals DHA softgels? The therapist says he's seen good results with children with hyperactivity and behavior problems. Just wondering if any of you are using this type of supplement and if you have seen any results.

Also when I asked a friend about this she said she went to Jenny McCarthy's website and input what her child's symptoms were and they sent her the supplements for those particular symptoms. The only site she had that I knew of is the site and I couldn't find anything like that there. So you guys have any clue what she could have been talking about?

My child's pediatrician doesn't recommend anything other than a regular multivitamin and I don't know what is good for what. His therapist says he needs calcium and magnesium and the DHA. So I'm just confused. He stays constipated and he has a very self-restricted diet so I worry about his nutrition already.
Posted on 05/10/08, 05:02 pm
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Reply #1 - 05/10/08  5:12pm
" the only supplement my daughter takes is the gummy type children multivitamins....I know they make some liquid fishoils that come fruit flavored but I have heard they don't taste very good but I could probably get my child to take them with the promise of a pudding cup/yogurt after
that might help with the calcium issue you have also.... "
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Reply #2 - 05/10/08  8:07pm
" Hi kimberly,
My daughters diet has been about half of what helps her. She is on a lot of different things. You can get DHA soft gels from Kirkman labs. 1-800-245-8282 It looks like a bottle runs around $20. We use several things from them. They have a huge selection of things that are for people with autism. I feel like the price is good and the people are nice when you call. Everything comes in about two days and they always send fee samples.
Did your pediatrician recommend fish oil because of the omega-3 ? If so you can sub flax seed oil. it is just as good and its easy to hide in food. It tastes a bit like a nut oil. Pretty good on salad. One other thing you should know is that most fish and fish oil have mercury in them. So if you are at all worried about heavy metals in your childs diet it may not be the best choice for you.
Flax will help with constipation also. Also a way to get magnesium is to put epsom salts in the bath tub and soak in it. Because it is magnesium sulfate you body absorbes only what it needs throuth the skin. A half a cup in the tub should do it.
I just looked and kirkman sells calcium as a powder and as a liquid. again $20 and $18 for 16oz.
I hope you finde what works for you. I know how hard it is. It seems like every one says something different. I believe as the mother of an angel you will be able to feel if it's good for your family. Go with your feelings. I'm here for you. "
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Reply #3 - 05/10/08  8:33pm
" My 3.75 year old like 2 kinds of DHA/Omegas. Both are from a Health Food Store. The links just show the item, not where I buy it. Magnesium is good for constipation.

KAL Dinosaurs DinoEFA - a SweetTart type chewable

Baleans's Kid's Omega Burst - a Starburts type chew

We also tried Ionic Fizz - KoolAid type drink mix, they have magnesium & calcium formulas "
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Reply #4 - 05/10/08  10:16pm
" Thanks for all the advice guys! I think the reason for the fish oil was the DHA. He said the DHA may help with the behavior issues. Sometimes its really difficult to get his attention. He has a hard time following directions, especially oral. I have looked online at Kirkmans before but everything I saw sounded like something he needed. I didnt want to over-supplement (if that is possible?) But I just wisj I knew what he really needs so that I dont give him a bunch of stuff he doesnt need. "
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Reply #5 - 05/10/08  10:52pm
" The Omegas sure did help attention with my little guy. After he started taking them he noticed I was leaving him at school. That took 2 weeks to get over but the extra concentration was worth the crying.

The thing to remember with supplements is not to overdo ..Vitamin A.. or the other fat soluble vitamins. You body make vitamin A from BetaCarotene but BetaCarotene is not toxic, so it doesn‘t count. Twice the RDA of Vitamin A is a bad idea, but that means a 4 year old can still have 7 GummyVites (182% of RDA) OR 6 GumiVites & a Flinstones.

You know you’ve given more than enough B-Complex when the urine turns vivid yellow. This is not harmful, just a side effect of too much of a water soluble vitamin. B’s have been key to language retention in my son.

Safe Upper Limits of Vitamins
Parent Ratings of different Biomedical Interventions
are good places to start. "
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Reply #6 - 05/26/08  1:17am
" I have my son on Nordic Naturals cod liver oil. The strawberry flavor isn't bad, but what kind of oil is going to taste good? I was just at the Autism One conference, and I talked to people from Nordic Naturals, and they sai they just rolled out a spiced apple flavor of oil. They said it tastes real "cinnamony".

Kirkman labs does put out a great product. I'm going to put my son on Super NuThera. It's an excellent multivitamin and has high levels of magnesium and B6. I'm not sure if you have your child on a gfcf diet, but if you do, be careful about multivitamins, especially ones readily available in most stores. Many have "fine print" ingredients that would infringe upon that diet. Good luck! "
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Reply #7 - 05/26/08  9:56am
" Again I have to agree with Michaux... my son will only take gummy vitamins, I tried the strawberry DHA oil too, and my son just looked at me and started to laugh like "yeah right" and pushed my hand away. "
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Reply #8 - 06/21/08  8:00am
" I just started my son on Children's DHA Cod Liver Oil by Check out this website, it's very helpful. AND- these products taste great! The DHA Cod Liver Oil tastes like strawberry, I think your child will like it. "
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Reply #9 - 06/21/08  8:01am
" I forgot to mention, the DHA Cod Liver Oil is also in liquid form! "
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Reply #10 - 06/17/09  9:27am
" I see that these posts were from a year ago, but for the benifit of those who are still looking for answers:
On 5/1/09 Shaklee released a new line of products specifically designed for kids and babies. Included is an orage chew that includes 100 mg of ultra-pure DHA. (Also a great multi) As with everthing they offer, it is totally natural. Their Omega-3 oils is so pure it is pharmecutical grade. My 4-yr old loves it. I sell it - "

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