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Afib and Decaf Tea
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I love me some black iced tea. Since I've been diagnosed with afib, I've limited myself to decaf tea but the stuff I drink still seems to cause episodes (I went 12 days w/o an episode and then drank my tea last nite and had an episode - one glass, drunk over 3 hrs). I mix a family bag of Bigelow Perfect Peach Herb Tea and a family bag of Lipton Cold Brew Decaffeinated.
I KNOW causal is individual but I'm asking for input - anyone have any luck with ANY decaffeinated black tea?
Thanks for all the great people on this website.
Posted on 05/18/12, 02:47 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 05/20/12  3:26am
" Petey,
Potassium is a real bad trigger for me. It gives me a very violent a fib if I take anything with more than 50 mg of fotified potassium. That is the reason I always warn others in this forum to be very careful eating anything with potassium.

Yes, I know that research shows potassium is supposed to slow the hreat rate. But, that is NOT the case for me. Within 1/2 hour of taking it, I get the fish flop in my chest. For example, I CAN NOT take multivitamins with 99 mg of potassium. It would probably kill me.

So, I am veeeeery careful with anything with potassium.

On the other hand, anything with caffein or alcohol do not bother me. I have 2 to three cups of strong coffee in the morning and several cups of tea the rest of the day.

Thanks very much for the info about the 5-Hour Energy drink. I am very careful with sugar and sugar spikes. However, I am more careful with bad stuff like Splenda. So, 5-Hour Energy is not for me because of the Splenda.

I usually take "Clif Shot Blocks" and "Hammer Gel" for energy during my workouts and long hikes. They are complex carbs with very little natural sugar (specially Hammer Gel). But, I can't take more than one package of Hammer or 3 pieces of Clif Shot Blocks since they have 20 mg of potassium. If I do, I go to a fib within 1 hour. Believe me, a fib is not fun :-)

Please check out Hammer and/or Clif Shot Blocks. They are used by cyclists. They don't fill you up while they give you plenty of energy. The problem is that most stores do NOT carry them and they are pretty expensive. Amazon and have them. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

Scott "
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Reply #12 - 05/20/12  8:05am
" Scott: I don't know much of those products, so I googled a review:

petey "
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Reply #13 - 05/20/12  9:43am
" Always learning something new here..........I didn't even know that tea was caffeinated. I was told to drink decaffeinated coffee but what's the point, I drink coffee for the caffeine. (although I will indulge in a decaffeinated mocha frap from starbucks.) "
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Reply #14 - 05/20/12  11:39am
" " Always learning something new here..........I didn't even know that tea was caffeinated. I was told to drink decaffeinated coffee but what's the point, I drink coffee for the caffeine. (although I will indulge in a decaffeinated mocha frap from starbucks.) "

Lol. True. Silly concept drinking coffee without the caffeine.

But that said, the universal "go to" culprits of AF triggers seem to be coffee and alcohol.

Likely, due in part to one being a stimulant and both being diuretics. I would suggest if one continues to partake in one or both that they maintain a hydration regime as well as keeping an eye on vitamin supplements during their indulgences. ;) "
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Reply #15 - 05/20/12  2:28pm
" I cut out the caffeine years ago...before a-fib because of nasty withdrawal headaches on weekends after a week of heavy coffee drinking to make it through work. Now it's decaf green tea and decaf coffee. No caffeinated soft drinks or energy drinks. Quit drinking almost 4 years ago so I am extremely boring these days. In my case, it appears exercise (interval training in particular) causes my afib to kick into high gear. Decaf beverages don't seem to have a bearing but it can't be a bad thing to avoid...especially those crazy energy drinks. "
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Reply #16 - 05/20/12  5:13pm
" Always interesting to read each of our own particular triggers. After my ablation I totally stayed away from caffeine. I always drank a lot of water on a daily basis, but really missed having a good cup of coffee in the morning. One of the members hear mentioned he tried "half-caff" coffee, so I thought "why not"? I sipped the first cup verrrrry slowly, waiting for a reaction, but never had one. So now, I have a cup of half-caff a few times a week, and am happy with that. Again, I do drink a lot of water during the day so I stay really hydrated. However, I'm still reluctant to go to "full caffeine" mode! "
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Reply #17 - 05/20/12  6:23pm
" svenska,
Fear the fear itself :-)

Not having caffein is the protocol for afib by the doctors. But, really I don't think it is the cause of afib. Yes, too much caffein causes faster heart beat and higher blood pressure, but not an afib. I believe you have already proven my point by trying half caffeinated coffee.

Doctors told me the same thing when my afib started. But, after 3 months I started having weak coffees and notice no afib. Slowly, I increased the strength and now I drink 2 to three cups of strong coffee without any problem. Sometimes, after the fourth cup, I get agitated but not going to afib.

I think still there has NOT been an honest research about the cause of afib. All research have been focused on how to stop it after it happens. Give me a break!! We take beautiful vivid pictures of the Mars. I don't believe afib is more complex than sending an unmanned vehicle to Mars, no way. The problem is the willingness to find the real cause/answer for the afib.

If they find the real cause for the afib, a lot of doctors and drug companies go out of business. That is the probelm. So, they throw us, the people with afib, a bone, which is, not to drink coffee. Yes, caffein might NOT agree with some people. So, they should avoid it. My mother was one of those people. But, it is not the cause of afib in most of us. The answer is somewhere else.

Recently, a lot of good reports/research is coming out in favor of drinking coffee. So, I would try it with caution specially if I like/love coffee. I think the answer for the cause of afib is somewhere else and not in the caffein in the coffee unless you are just sensitive to caffein.

Okay, I know I am going against the grain of this forum by saying the above. But, it is about time for somebody to rock the boat and stir some new way of thinking about afib :-)

Also, I think we are dealt a bad hand by the medical community. We fly unmanned drones across the world, afib can NOT be that complex! Just consider that.

Food for thoughts.
Scott "
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Reply #18 - 05/20/12  7:14pm
" Funny, when I was diagnosed, I was told not to drink caffeine or alcohol. A few weeks later, I was having difficulty with the metoprolol making me lethargic and my Cardio Dr. told me to drink half caffeine and half decaf. Lol! "
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Reply #19 - 05/21/12  2:10pm
" "Quit drinking almost 4 years ago so I am extremely boring these days."

After 35 years of marriage, I decided to stop drinking. After a year, my wife informed me that I had to start back, because I was the most boring person on the planet.:) "
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Reply #20 - 05/21/12  4:40pm
" Did you? "

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