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Anyone else start coughing when they drink cold things? It seems really bad when it's something thick, like a smoothie...
Posted on 02/12/08, 11:09 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/13/08  12:03am
" i know what you mean. i love ice cream but i get a nasty cough and really wheezie from eating it. sometimes it is not worth the aftermath to eat it. "
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Reply #2 - 02/13/08  8:47am
" I've had that problem but since being on therapy (Advair), I've been okay. But before, drinking anything really cold or eating ice cream would have me coughing and wheezing terribly. "
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Reply #3 - 02/14/08  9:00pm
" Yes I cough every time I have a mocha frap. It never fails. I can eat ice cream, but the iced frappacinos make me cough for about 15 min. I know a few people who become bronchospastic after cold drinks. "
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Reply #4 - 02/15/08  12:17pm
" Ice cream & ice drinks make me cough. I have problems outside when the temps are below 25 degrees. I use a mask or scarf but it is like the air is extremely thin & I cough. "
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Reply #5 - 02/15/08  3:21pm
" Yes, when they are really cold. Wow, I thought it was just me. "
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Reply #6 - 02/23/08  10:34pm
" Hi guys,

cold air causes bronchospasms. one of the first things we learn is NOT to give ice water to asthmatics/COPD'ers, as it causes bronchospasm. So, if you start having an acute attack, DO NOT drink anything cold! :) "
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Reply #7 - 02/24/08  2:53am
" Happens to me all the time...yeah, like Marah, I thought it was just me too until I started reading these boards. It's unfortunate because I used to love icey cold drinks. Wahhh! "
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Reply #8 - 09/20/11  1:21am
" wow ... i thought that this was just me .. everyone looks at me strangly when it occurs ... i guess it started last year out the blue i couldnt catch my breath and couldnt start coughing after taking a sip out of a cold tea i was already drinking ... and it happened periodicly for a about 2 months .. the doctor said it was really nothing but it has been occuring regularly since the end of july .. no cold food or drink .. i feel like my throat has stopped working .. i am so glad to have a clue as to what is going on .. thanks to those who started this post "
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Reply #9 - 09/20/11  1:21am
" typo couldnt stop coughing "
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Reply #10 - 09/20/11  6:59pm
" yes i have that proublem too. i drink my pop when it not too cold. sometime if i drink something cold i can start to cough and my chest to start to hurt. "

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