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Help need advice for my 11yr. old
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I have an 11 yr. old that was first diagnosed with ADD when he was in the second grade then that was ruled out and now has been diagnosed with Separation Anxiety and GAD. I always new he had it only because I suffered from it and also my daughter. He does good most of the time but Sundays come around and he gets really down and asks to be home schooled. He is not getting bullied, does not get bad grades, he is fine once he is there and he has a lot of friends. I think what I am confused about is that he always needs to be busy or he tends to drop down into this down depressive mood. He always wants someone to come over or he wants to go somewhere. We can be at a party all day and soon as he knows we are going to leave he comes up to me and asks what we are going to do when we get home. I feel like he is always struggling to be happy. I keep him busy as possible to keep his mood up. Soon as it starts getting dark he says he feels wierd. He is very active and very friendly but he also can get into some angry moods. He refused to sleep in his own room but when we work on getting him to he does ok but always ends up back in our room after a week or so. I have to lay with him till he falls asleep. Sometimes I think he is just a hyper child who loves life but then I worry because I feel his mind never rest. He seen his dog get hit by a car and that really sent him into a guilt trip it took him 2 yrs to take off the dogs colar from around his wrist. He hates to throw things away, he is afraid of getting in trouble in school and he is not a clean person. He said he feels stressed at school that to much is happening he feels that he might not be able to keep up and get in trouble.
I am sorry for rumbling on but I am just trying to write everything down so I can see if anyone on this site can relate.

Posted on 02/15/11, 04:38 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/15/11  4:41pm
" sorry a lot of spelling errors. lol just in a hurry.

Thanks again! "
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Reply #2 - 02/19/11  9:28pm
" Your son sounds so much like my 13 year old son. He has a horrible time sleeping in his own room, panics come Sunday night even though once he gets to school he is ok. He has friends but he gets so down and says he is too anxious to go to school. Lately he has had some pretty major panic attacks and is missing a lot of school. He has been on an anti depressant but I think he needs ADHD medicine. Is your son on any medication? "
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Reply #3 - 03/06/11  4:09pm
" I had to check the name of the user, because I thought this was my 'topic', because i am in exactly the same situation with my ten nearly eleven year old!!! He has been seeing a pschologist for over a year now.CBT has not worked at all, they also thought he had ADHD, but then ruled it out and now they are saying that they are not sure which route to take?? I am in the u.k and I have a high sucpicion that they do not offer medication here.
I too suffered from GAD/OCD since a child and lost my whole childhood/teens/ early twenties to these horrid disorders. I cry most nights that I have passed this onto him and feel totally helpless. Not sure where you live so don't know what to advise you,but just wanted to say I can relate to your situation and that more should be done for our children. "
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Reply #4 - 04/05/11  4:06pm
" My son also has trouble sleeping & has since aobut 2 yrs old. He has to have the closet door closed, any windows in his room have to be shut along with the curtains. Until recently he had to have the hallway light on to fall alseep, but now with a nightlight ( that we tried for years to get him to use) no more hallway light. Even once he is asleep he is all other the bed & will go sleep on the floor in his sister's room. "
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Reply #5 - 04/05/11  11:25pm
" i have just joined this site today- i have two of my three kids dx with generalized anxiety disorder, personalities not exactly same and how they display anxiety different, but sunday nights at my home are a mix of sore tummies, headaches, check my temp mom, my asthma acting up mom-all because next day starts another week. today i had to take my 11 yr old to hospital to be assessed because school thought he wasnt safe to stay there this morning. now we have a crisis service and childrens services involved, i hope this helps (along with meds and counselling already doing) i am heartbroken for what i am seeing my kids go through and often unsure of how to help them - we have a good day then a hard one-feels like you are always holding your breath to see what is next. "
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Reply #6 - 05/16/11  12:09pm
" My son is 10 (almost 11) and he sounds similar - He is SO anxious before he does anything - mainly things that are out of his daily routine - but once he gets going he's fine. He really struggles with transitions and being away from what I have come to think of as his "safe zones" which are home, with family, and church where my kids also go to school. He doesn't like to go to sleep either, but once he does he sleeps. He listens to college lectures about history I burned onto CD's from Itunes now to go to sleep. He reads alot too. Am hoping what we are doing for him will help - recently started Zoloft, going to a psychologist, and also occupational therapy for related stuff. I wish you the best! Hang in! I think the hardest part is continuuing to keep a positive attitude with him in the face of his anxiety/distress, but he needs me to - not to discount him, but as a reminder that he really is OK and I have confidence in him and he can do it. Bleh! I can relate. "
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Reply #7 - 05/16/11  12:14pm
" Oh - forgot to mention he can be irritable and "snarky" too. Another thing that's hard is how to tell when it's his mood stuff and when it's typical about-to-be-6th-Grade stuff. :-) I was very reluctant to try medication, but he has been miserable and then his psychologist and psychiatrist both told me there is research out now that if you treat children with these struggles early with medication/therapy there is the possibility that they won't continue to have it in adulthood - it's sometimes actually possible to prevent Bipolar or Chronic Depression/Anxiety if their brains get the help they need before they get set in that groove. I thought it was interesting. These are people I really, really trust so I haven't looked up the research yet, but need to! Take Care! "
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Reply #8 - 05/27/11  9:03pm
" your story is my story! I have a 11 yr. old daughter with GAD and she always wants to be busy too. she does great in school, friends but gets very anxious\nervous about going-she has missed a lot of school over past 2 months and sleeping is hard too, I also lay with her till she falls asleep. we have been using meds- first abilify and then lexapro now both--still having a lot of trouble especially with going to school. it is so hard to see her like this -I see your post was in Feb. how are things now? I hope better. I know how you feel--your post was the first one I read and I couldn't believe how close is was to mine! hope to see a new post from you soon. thanks "
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Reply #9 - 06/08/11  3:47am
" My 12 year old is an Academy award winning actor on Sunday nights. He'll develop tummy aches, headaches and every other symptom I swear. I get so frustrated with him. I've noticed that he seems to actually be getting worse with his GAD and the anger he displays at times when he doesn't know how to handle something. I'm really struggling to be patient with him. I don't think that the Zoloft is helping him. He still complains that he feels like his "minds racing". "
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Reply #10 - 07/28/11  2:18am
" no advice to offer:( just awake in the night, worrying over my daughters torment of ocd - shes much smarter than her years and it frustratese her. beautiful, incredibly talented in many artistic and academic areas, but at night she is a mess of fear. peppered withthe need to please her unpleasable father "

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