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I freak out about my health
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I am extremely worried all the time about my hesalth I go back over things in my head over and over againn it consumes my days weeks sometimes.

I worry alot I always analyze any pain and think of the worst .

I really wanto stop but cant does anyone go through this
Posted on 11/25/12, 08:05 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Anxiety. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #31 - 11/27/12  4:25am
" Maggie, WebMD is no bueno. I had a sore throat with fever a month and a half ago, read symptoms that lead to cancer. Like I mentioned earlier, Google is one of the best ways to convince yourself you are dying.

Around August when I first had my panic attack, I googled every thing I felt. Which of course ended in me going to the ER. My doctor advised me not to google anything. Honestly, it's almost self-destructive.

I don't google stuff anymore unless it is something positive, and now that I am doing a lot better, anything I google does not even stick to me.

It is just your symptoms. Anxiety & stress can trigger so many body sensations.

I read a blog from a man who suffered for 10 years and is now fully recovered and all his advises have worked out for me so far.

It's just a suggestion. You can't lose anything to give it time and check it out. "
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Reply #32 - 11/27/12  2:36pm
" Hi there,
I have health anxiety too,, its getting worse and worse.. I have been told that I have "white coat syndrome" aka Im afraid of the doctors yet I need them to reassure me that i am not going to die and its all normal.
I have been trying to practice a lot of deep breathing and music.. also I watch a comedy show everyday!
However I still have my bad days.. for instance today when I had to get my blood pressure taken... it sky rocketed and for no reason.
I don't want to go on meds, and I don't want to have anxiety anymore. "
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Reply #33 - 11/27/12  6:05pm
" oh I know exatly how you feel guys ohh im not googling anymore thanks heaps for the advise ...... for over a week now i have been googling thinking i got all the symptoms for terrible diseases crying myself to sleep im so sick of it. I So Anxiety and Stress cause body sensations no wonder iv been feeling sick light headed tired and everything is cramps a sensation and back pain ? "
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Reply #34 - 11/27/12  6:17pm
" I am the same I'm so scared at times and believe I have these illness's it's draining n I hurt all over at night because I've been so tense all day "
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Reply #35 - 11/27/12  6:25pm
" I have the same problem. I have hypothyroidism and sometimes the anxiety gets bad. My niece was diagnosed with an enlarged thryoid gland...and I worry about her because she's so young (6) and to have to be dealing with this is just not fair. Then I also worry about my kids and them having a thyroid disorder and I hate myself for it. I see my kids sometimes and if something doesn't seem "right" I start to panic. It also doesn't help that my husband recently told me "I don't know if I could live with myself, if I knew the reason my kids got sick was because of me." Gee, thanks for making me feel wonderful about what I already worry about and hate myself for.

I have recently been feeling very "sluggish" and I'm wondering if it's because I'm hypothyroid, or my anemia levels are low again or the anxiety/depression is also taking a toll on me. It really sucks.

Wow...i think i typed a little too much... :) "
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Reply #36 - 11/27/12  6:33pm
" I go through this all the time... I often sit and convince myself that every little thing that goes on in my body just HAS to be the absolute worst disease known to man. And where I have pretty much constant nausea, I can convince myself that that is something serious as well. I also get really obsessive thoughts over a lot of other negative things that could go wrong or are going wrong in my life. So if I'm not freaking out about my health I am freaking out about something else negative. The thing that keeps me sane is remembering that I have had two different doctors do tests on me for lots of different things and they have all some back completely normal. So when I start freaking out about these things I fight back with positive thoughts, like remembering that two doctors have told me I do not have any kind of disease, or that a weird pain I have felt in my heart is something I have literally had forever and other family members have it it's nothing new and its nothing dangerous. If positive thinking doesn't help I try distracting myself, which I know is hard, but I still try. Read a book, listen to music and sing along to it, watch a movie, talk to a friend or family member, go shopping even if you have nothing to go shopping for, play a game... I know it's really hard and a lot of times you feel like you can't do anything, but the absolute worst thing you can do is give up and let the negative swallow you. Fight back. Think positive and always remember to breathe slow and deep. "
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Reply #37 - 11/27/12  10:41pm
" White coat syndrome is very common in anxiety patients ! You need to get a home monitor, have it calibrated at your docs office the. Take it in your home setting. I would do 2 times a day, sitting in a chair, relaxed, feet flat on the floor. Mine is always high when I go to the docs for the same reason but anywhere else, its normal. Totally common!

I have health anxiety and hypochondria, have for years off and on, but I will never be scared to call my doc. We pay them. But I do feel foolish at times as well. Just try to relax, much of this we control :) "

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